South Carolina’s Governor Caught Chasin’ Nookie in Argentina

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South Carolina Governor

The GOP is having a rough time. They can’t seem to find one potential candidate for the 2012 elections who isn’t a pedophile, womanizer, criminal or closeted homosexual. South Carolina’s Governor Mark Sanford just resigned yesterday after the news of his affair with an Argentinean woman hit the net. Pop the top for more


  • told you so


  • told you so

    yeah! Gold…
    Now about this guy? so what? his wife kicked him out and he went to go see his side joint.


    Them DAMN REPUBLICANS.,,, They are ALWAYS backstabbing & cheating!

  • Sydney™

    I’m still floored by this. . .I never bought the Appalachian Trail hiking story, but I didn’t expect this story to come out. He’s married and has four sons. How humiliating for his family. SMH.

  • Lisa Vee

    And this is the SAME dude that was on Clinton jock about Monica….Edward about his side piece and Gov. Paterson about his side ass.

  • dayg715

    wow, what a shocker. another hypocritical republican gets caught with his pants down. surprise, surprise LOL.

  • B'More

    those republicans sure are great examples of morality and family values. SMH.


    lol, are they sure it’s a woman he had the affair with? after all, he is a republican….

  • missunderstood

    This shyt was straight HILARITY yesterday! He told staff he was going hiking on the Appalachian Trail and hopped a flight to Argentina to get some booty instead??? LMAO! Busted and disgusted….

    Also, I thought he resigned his post as head of the Governor’s association or something. He made no mention of resigning from office, and probably won’t….

  • Sassy

    I was born and raised in SC. I just moved to Atlanta five months ago so I know all about Governor Sanford! He is a disgrace and needs to step down as governor. Who would respect him as governor now? First, he created all this controversy by not wanting to accept the much needed stimulus money and now this! He needs to go and move to Argentina permanently and let someone else step in as governor! God knows that can’t be any worse than him!

  • Chocolate Thunder

    He’s wrong – but how many fellas have been to Argentina??? I have they have some of the finest women on the planet. He got turned out by some latin lovin’. See “Sydney™” above for the evidence of the whoppin she put on his country bamma azz.

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    These niccas are crazy! Throwing away your political career for a jumpoff? WTF?

  • missunderstood

    @Sydney™ – morning ma, how are you? So did he resign his post as Governor?

  • Lisa Vee

    @ SASSY…me too.

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

    I keep telling y’all about the “Power of Pu$$y”… SMH

    SOME of us men will do the STUPIDIEST sh*t in the world with NO REGARD to the consequences of our actions over some pu$$y…

    If y’all Ladies knew of the power that you held in between your legs… SMH

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