Pure, Crackery, Coonery, and Comedy: Dancing At The Tithe Table

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Crack is a very powerful drug people. The effects can take a toll on the mind and make people act foolishly… even in church.


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  • REDD FOXXX (Pretty Wings)

    I thought he was going to bust his head! he was feeling it.

  • Jessika

    OMG…I can only get the first few seconds to work…but he is hilarious…Dance for Jesus!

  • Tuesday's Child

    bwwaaaaaaaahahahhahahaha I’m DEAD! *just like that dude who fell straight back*

  • Menominee_Nation

    please get me on whatever this youngin takin…

  • Tuesday's Child

    OMG he did a sommersault too! LMAO! Thanx for the mid-afternoon entertinment.

  • http://hmlt Too short

    OMG he fell to the dam floor, WHAT ???? No I do not want none of what he had, hellsssssss no!!!

  • D@ P0p3

    LoL….he should come 2 my church!!

  • ms. f. baby


  • Mz Blaze

    lmao he was in his own world!

  • Jubeisan

    looks dope to me. House dancin

  • Whatever

    that was funny

  • phat

    Talk about a cheerful giver! We should all be like this when paying our tithes. God bless him, I think it was beautiful.

  • Dance Like David!!!

    NOW THAT’s what I am talking about…I want to go to that Church.

    2 Samuel 6:14
    14 David, wearing a linen ephod, danced before the LORD with all his might,

    Yall need to change the headline…it’s not crack, it is an infill of the Holy Spirit!

  • Shaylyn

    I laughed so hard it hurted lmao

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