SMH: Man Kills Girlfriend After Truth Surfaces That She Used to Have a Shaft

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A Russian man was arrested because he put his girl/manfriend’s lights out after finding out that she was once a he:

A Russian man has killed the girlfriend that he lived with for two years after finding out that she once was a man. Vladimir F., 33, from Volgograd in Russia’s Volga Region, met Kamilla during a trip to St. Petersburg, website writes.

There, a charming young woman, three years his junior, caught his attention. After they returned to Volgograd they started dating and soon moved in together. Kamila would not talk too much about her past life, but this never bothered her boyfriend.

Two years later, Vladimir proposed but was rejected. Kamilla said she was not ready for such a serious step and needed more time. The suspicious boyfriend broke into her mailbox to see if she was cheating on him. He found no traces of infidelity, but was shocked to find out that many of Kamilla’s correspondents addressed her as “Kirill”.

The woman turned out to be a transsexual. Browsing through Kamilla’s letters Vladimir learned how several years ago she traveled to Australia for transgender surgery and became a woman, then changed her papers to become one legally as well.

Unable to handle the revelation, Vladimir took a gun and when his girlfriend came home shot her dead. After that he wrote a goodbye note saying he could not stand the “betrayal” of his loved one and cut his wrists open, but survived.  Vladimir has been charged with murder and is now awaiting trial at the local pre-trial detention center.




  • Kisha

    1st!! and crazy!!!

  • atiredman64

    2nd!! and wow!!!

  • Child Please

    I guess I will never understand cutting off your wee wee.

  • Just Some Cat

    She/He/It should have told him. Of course he had no right to kill, but I honestly don’t know what I’d do. After puking, a serious beat down might have been justified.

    Any trans whatevers out there better make sure they know who they’re foolin with because there are a LOT of men who would do what he did.

    @child please

  • n_satiable

    @ jazz:

    Completely agree with you. He may have been OK with it in the beginning had she told him, OR he could have walked away right then — either way, she would still be alive.

  • I Am the one who always is-Jesus Christ

    Jesus, we need you here on this earth.

  • http://bossip WTF

    He must have been 1/2 russian 1/2 jamaican..

  • Ms. T

    @Jenny If you don’t cut it out RIGHT NOW………..

  • -

    wouldn’t you do the same? i would

  • Pimpin Willie Dynamite (CEO Of K.D.B. INC. ("In A Reflective Mood")


  • Tropical English

    I’m not saying its right…..

    …..but I understand.

  • hey now!

    man… in a way that’s messed up but then again… that’s something u tell someone weeks into a relationship if not sooner… u cant be messing with people like that!

  • Enigma

    Well Russia has a strong discrimination against gays due to their strong Orthodox Christian majority so this isn’t all that surprising.

  • HarlemWorld

    How do you get that far with someone and not know?

  • Trini Bwoy

    Tropical English

    I’m not saying its right…..

    …..but I understand.

    I agree with this.

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