Rihanna and Chris Brown in Barbados

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Here are some pics of Rihanna and Chris Brown celebrating Rihanna Day and her birthday in Barbados this week. She is featured in the recent issue of Cosmopolitan magazine and touches upon how she used to feel uncomfortable about being around Camel:

“I felt self-conscious around him until he took me aside and said that I just had to ignore it.”

They seem to have those “take me aside” chats often.


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  • Candace

    What a cute couple!

  • rjr


  • http://myspace.com/akanye3327 mr.ANYE

    he a lucky man..boy

  • Miss Dee (The Phenomenal Woman)

    They make a very cute couple, if they are a couple.

  • Miss Dee (The Phenomenal Woman)

    One more thing… CHRIS BREEZY PLEASE GET RID OF THAT DOME PIECE!!! IT IS NOT CUTE TO WEAR A STOCKING CAP 24/7!! You’re too handsome for that!

  • getyourhandouttamypocket

    I just adore them as a couple!

  • Kimy

    Damn why do people always mention Beyawnce. It is really annoying. Please stop. Can we spend a day without mentioning her name. Get we have a Beyawnce Day were no one is aloud to mention her name, no radio station plays her songs. I don’t hate but enough is enough!!Please

  • http://www.lovingmeans@aol.com 1TruDiva STILL can't get her gravie up!


    Don’t ignore it Rihanna! Stay as far away from Camel as you can… Remember the car crash? Watch your back!


    @ jjj–

    You stooopid! Lol!!!!!

  • http://www.lovingmeans@aol.com 1TruDiva STILL can't get her gravie up!

    I like seeing them together as a couple. I’d rather see her with him than always in the presence of someone else’s man.

    Plus–they really look cute together!

  • bajan


    the more she succeeds the more titles she gets. btw, RIHANNA IS NOW AN OFFICIAL DIPLOMAT OF BARBADOS, she received a red passport which does not allow her to go thru immigration or customs in any local or international airport. when she touches down at any airport across the world she has to go to the LINE FOR THE DIPLOMATS where she would get thru immigration and customs with ease and no hassles.

    btw, barbados does not have a NATIONAL HOLIDAY fuh rihanna, it is only a one time event we had on that day, it wont be recurring next year. so dont believe that every 21st of february that we will be celebratin rihanna’s holiday, it is not like that.

  • Maruice

    Can I get my weekend Beyonce crack please? K thanks.

  • 843Princezz

    They do make a cute couple, if they are one. And Rihanna’s dress is so cute.

  • bajan


    howcomes PRESIDENT BUSH has NOT recognized the “hottest chick in the game”?

    start pickin fences and ask mr bush to give beyonce a national honour. accordin to her stans, SHE DESERVES IT. bey is supposed to be the most recognized american in the world(accordin to stans), why hasnt she not received NATIONAL HONOUR to this day?

  • IMO


    You missed a great concert. You could feel the love for RiRi.


    What do u think about Livvi Franc?

  • bajan

    rihanna does bring the bey stans out of woodwork. they just cant stand rihanna cause of her success at 20 years old, grammy award winner, ambassador of barbados, international artist, fashion icon, brand name endorsee, etc etc.

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