*Update* MJ’s Personal Doctor Talks to One-Time About Possible Murder!

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One-Time was looking for Michael Jackson’s personal doctor whose car was towed from Michael’s house today. He was with Michael when he died!:

Police towed a BMW belonging to a doctor from Michael Jackson’s home Friday and said it could contain drugs or other evidence offering clues in the pop star’s death. Los Angeles police spokeswoman Karen Rayner said coroner’s investigators were seeking to interview the doctor but said she did not know the doctor’s identity. She stressed the doctor was not under criminal investigation. “His car was impounded because it may contain medications or other evidence that may assist the coroner in deterdetermining the cause of death,” Rayner said.

Meanwhile the Los Angeles Fire Department released the 911 call from Michael Jackson’s home on Friday. The unidentified called says the singer wasn’t breathing or responding to efforts to revive him. The caller said Jackson was with his personal doctor at the time. Medical examiners prepared an autopsy for Jackson as a chorus of grief spread around the world, from statesmen to icons of music to legions of fans.

“I can’t stop crying. This is too sudden and shocking,” said Diana Ross, who helped launch Jackson’s career. “I am unable to imagine this. My heart is hurting.”

Los Angeles County coroner’s watch commander Lt. Brian Elias said Friday morning the autopsy would begin shortly and take several hours, but he said other tests would take longer and determining the official cause of death would take weeks or more.


We have just learned Dr. Conrad Robert Murray — the guy who was with Jackson when he collapsed — is now in Los Angeles. He is preparing to speak with law enforcement officials regarding Michael Jackson’s death.

The story is developing…

This is like the Anna Nichole scenario. A lethal dose of unneeded drugs is a definite murder.




  • Chocolate Thunder

    1st – say it aint so

  • dayg715

    The doctor is now back in LA and talking with the authorities.

  • Chocolate Thunder


  • Broadview

    RIP, Micheal Jackson

  • Izzy V.

    Listen to the 911 tape on TMZ…

    Why was the doctor giving him CPR on the bed?

    I’m a 19 undergrad student and even I know better than that!

    There is some serious foul play going on here.

  • janay

    second i guess anyway an’t that some crap he might have done it

  • Pride

    This is so killing me I just can’t believe it. I mean MJ was the greatest. All night long I kept thinking this is not TRUE Even this morning when I read the HEADLINES I said OMG I use to try and do the dance from THRILLER. This hurt so BAD. It seems like I lost my brother. I cried so hard for MJ

  • Shwarzman

    An icon and a musical legend. It is a huge shock. RIP Michael. Life is weird sometimes, a man that brought so much joy to so many was a very sad person. GOD bless your soul brother

  • apple

    These are not rumors….they are looking for the doc. This will come out and I am sure we will all be outraged….we need to be. It’s crazy the way the country isn’t doing enough to help all of the addicts and there families out there…they rather lock these people up instead of providing treatment. RIP – MJ – I will miss you. But your music lives on in our hearts forever.

  • damecash

    R.I.P Mike

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  • UHHH

    if the doc ran off why why he leave his car behind as evidence? that makes no sense. Lisa marie, mj’s ex-wife said that mj told her he knew he would die young just like elvis presley.

  • nevrquit

    My heart felt prayers are with his children and family. May the Lord provide all of you the strength, peace and comfort you need at this time of bereavemnet. Lean not to your own understanding.

    God Bless,

  • Kami All Day

    …damn, that sentence was all jacked up…lol

    …we should take what they tell us with a grain of salt”….

    Sounds much better! :)

  • SLB

    On another note: I was trying to identify all the kids in the pic and I kept asking myself, ‘Who is that other boy in the back row??’ LAWD . . . that’s no boy, that’s LATOYA!

  • Kami All Day


    WHERE??? I was looking for her too….cuz Janet is sitting on his lap. Where is Rebbie (sp), though?

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