The Babysitter’s Club: Little Jay-Z and Rihanna

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rihanna and little hova

Rihanna was seen in LA yesterday with Little Hova. She sure spends a lot of time with Jay’s ‘nephew.’ We got to wondering, why is RiRi always seen babysitting this little dude, and where in the hell is his mom???

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rihanna and little hova3rihanna and little hova2rihanna and little hova4


  • sheretha

    you guys will make a mountain out of an ant hill, so what, dang….who the heck cares. Obviously, she didn’t kidnap that little boy, you would have reported that along with this crazy butt story. Whatever makes you eat, I guess. My goodness…

  • bAbes

    LMFAO wtf is she tryna prove!!

  • !!!!!.R.I.P MIKE :(


  • LeahLeah

    Michael is that you????

  • ayla

    who cares….but, you know, this is sorta like a “we famly” statement….
    anyways…who cares????

  • cinCity

    wtf.. lil Hova?.. Thats Ri Ri manager’s kid.. Yall are dumber than a box of rocks!

  • ctizzile

    maybe lil man is gettin it in!!

  • lol

    Looks like they were going to a kid’s event. Rhi Rhi could use some positive publicity. Babysiting makes he look more nurturing and more human…but u know media will still put a negative spin on everything.

  • lol


  • 1 HATED ON

    With Obama challenging us all as blackmen to be better fathers you’d think Hov (if he does have a kid/kids) would step up & lead from the front like several other artist. Being Hov put his money where his mouth is the whole obama movement it seems time for him to step up his game up as a father & role model too.

  • K-mia

    her hands are really pale

  • NylaBanks

    I think this is the hidden son that he does not talk about. The one he had with the trini model and paid off.

  • Melanie

    I smell a publicity stunt but I could be wrong rihanna always seemed like she liked kids alot. Her team stay confusing me with these photo ops.

  • Freaks On Myspace

    it’s kinda messed up that this lil boy has to go thru all this BS cause yall are celeb groopies

  • Whatchaknoboutdat?

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with her taking the kid out to an event or just hanging. Maybe he’s a well behaved child that she doesn’t mind having around from time to time… I do that.


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