A Kardashian Birthday Is Like Abolished Apartheid…Black Folk Everywhere!

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Khloe Kardashian just turned twenty four. Her sister and their black friends came out the wood works. We hear Khloe got what she “wanted” for her birthday, which was black meat.

Pop it to see some of Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush along with more…



  • amber


  • amber

    LOL @ the title

  • Kigali-INTERdependent Black Woman) RIP MJ

    And if there were no black folks around you would be screaming racism.

  • LeahLeah

    lmao @ “their black friends”. Mwahaha

  • trevor

    don’t get the apartheid reference. the incongruency of that whole sentence is throwing me off.

  • Lala


  • well

    lol it’s a black and white party, adrienne is the only one who isn’t black or white, hmmm do the kardashians have any asian friends? LOL oh i guess if they ever want to do business in japan, they’ll all of a sudden be seen with some “asian” friends.

  • ayla

    @ trevor, u so right!!!:)
    and @ Kigali.. lol
    they just tryin to have a nice time and celebrate …..

  • Kigali-INTERdependent Black Woman) RIP MJ

    You what… if this same post appeared on a white website with the use of the same language you would be able t see how racist it is. Black meat? Wow. nice way to reduce black men.

  • I said it...

    Black men reduce themselves very well… AND are quite proud of it!!!!

  • charlieblanko

    shut up coco….The title is fixed…lmao@the title..roflmao

  • lol

    is it just me or does reggie always seem to hang around khloe at parties? lol khloe is the fun one while kim is the boring one i guess, kim probably spends all night looking at herself in the mirror, then again i don’t really like khloe after her DUI, what a dumbass. The kardashians don’t hang with any armenians ever, what’s up with that? It’s good to have a diversified group of friends, but the kardashians seem to only hang with white or black folks. I see rob and adrienned together, i knew thier “break up” was just a pr stunt !

  • Truth be told

    What’s wrong with liking black people? Are we suggesting that because she enjoys the company of black folks that she is a lower grade of white woman (I use the term white loosely)? If so what are we saying about black people? Damn, the self hatred on this site is sometimes obvious but most of the time its latent. Why is there something wrong with this?

    Let’s excercise some intelligence. You can look at younger photos of these girls and tell that they have always looked exotic. They’re not the stereotypical white beauties which i bet means that they didn’t always fit in. I’m guessing that they were more accepted by black people in many instances that white and so that is who they usually gravitate towards but either way, they have a diverse group of people around them and that is why they are so visible, they can gel in different circles. Anyway, if they like black men who gives a sh*t, black men love them too. What’s the problem here?

  • Cocoa Gyal

    @charlie blanko
    kiss my ass. The title is still stupid, and its not funny. Everything they said under the title is just as ignorant.

  • Truth be told


    Reggie looks boring too. He’s cute and probably a sweet guy but he just seems so uninteresting. I guess that’s why he like’s hanging out with this crew…But in all the pictures, he always looks a lil out of place.

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