Who Looked More Bangin?? Bey vs. A. Keys

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Here are some more pics from the BET Awards…this time we have your girl Bey and Alicia Keys. Honestly, we think A Keys is puttin a whippin on Bey’s horse tail, but we’ll let you make the call. Who Looked More bangin???




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  • rae

    first!!!! alicia the homewrecker beats beyawnce

  • Silly One

    I love Jamie! WTH Does Beyonce have on???????

  • http://www.twitter.com/ellegeejay Lynette

    Alicia Keys!!! She looks great!

  • http://Concreteloop.com Tiff.Will.

    Beyonce – WORK B!TCH.

    Alicia Keys looks old and that dress looks Ethiopian inspired..FAIL!

  • The Plain Truth

    Alicia Keys by a country mile. WTH was Beyonce thinking? Rihanna needs to show up and give her a lesson.

  • Kristin

    ALICIA KEYS by FAR!!!! hands down.

  • high Priestess

    Alicia Keys, of course. Beyonce is a mess, as usual

  • Liya

    Alicia Keys wins this by a looongshot.

    I love her dress.

  • MulattoMom

    Alicia Keys!!!! She looks great!

  • Kami All Day

    Their look is pretty much the same.

    Sequined dresses and strappy shoes.

    But they both look good to me!

  • TEE

    dang Alicia…..HOT

  • ..*MOcarsMOclothesMOjewelsMOdoe*..(MJ..GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN)

    they both look fire as hell. but im gonna have to go with alicia because she’s more thicker.

  • http://bossip.com tasha

    Alicia takes this one.

  • MaRRieD_MoMMy

    Alicia, only because I can’t get with those shoulder pads Bey has been rocking lately. I think the pads throw off her whole look… I just can’t!

  • Patti

    I think Alicia looks classier and looks like a natural woman. bey looks manufactured and she always appears to be trying hard. Beauty is effortless.

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