Are You Feeling This Get-Up? BET Awards Edition

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Bet Awards 2009 - Beyonce

We don’t know what Bey was thinking when she hit the stage in this wedding gown/tranny fit. We know she’s going for theatrics but how nice would it be to see Bey dress like a woman and not a drag queen for once? SMH


  • Re--->I live in Bilbo Baggin's shirt pocket.


  • WeStKoaSt

    She always tries to be so over the top. Her performance was kinda ”blah” though.

  • Victorian

    She did this same performance for her concert. I guess she said to hell with learning something for the BET Awards I’m on tour!!! She just left NC on saturday and straght to Cali for the awards she is in a city every other day… so what do you expect!?

  • Ian P

    She gets weirder every year………

  • LaDiva

    Ughhh that bride outfit was done by Madonna yrs ago.. Move the hell on already.

  • Samantha Williams

    She looked real stupid, Chris Brown shouldve taken her place!

  • SJ

    She looked stupid and sounded even worse. Her and Jay needs to go sit down somewhere!

  • Babyl98

    What floors me is not only did her performance not make any sense to me *BLANK STARE* it lacked emotion she frustrates me so much that same plastic smile the pseudo creativity and her band wagon shout out to M.J. Just wake up and be real!

  • Nique

    Glad I wasnt the only one who thought it was some shit. Beyonce is soo overrated its ridiculous! She tries so hard and it was whack! Dont get me started on that dollar store outfit!

  • Re--->I live in Bilbo Baggin's shirt pocket.

    LMAO @ that Irish-y type flute in the background, and her spinning around like she was playing in her moms clothing as a child.

    LMAO Beyonce…

  • help the world

    SHE WAS paying her respect to her idol it represents angleic and gentel and thas what mj was all about ,sometimes you guys should use what I call COMMON SENSE

  • Nique

    BET needs to contact MTV for future awards shows. It looked thrown together-at best I will give the show a 4.5

  • @ Da Poet

    I love Bey and although I know what she was going for…yeah, um…I kinda woulda went the opposite direction. Or at least sing the song without the change into that outfit. :( But, personally I would have rather her do “Ego” or “Diva”.

  • I hate humans

    she looks like she was performing at a mental institution..and yes, shes a patient.

  • free

    well, it wouldn’t have been bey if she couldn’t show T&A. what did yall expect from this one trick pony? she has been programmed to do certain songs this year. anything more requires them to pull the chip out and reprogram (too expensive). you didn’t expect that she could learn a MJ song in just a few days, did you?

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