Jesus Take The Wheel

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Here is the casting video for Plies’ new reality show called “Bust It Baby”. No comment. Watch for yourself.


  • The Brown Bornet

    1st – why why why!!!

  • The One


  • Sandra

    they give flava’s chics a run for their money

  • Oh F@ck That!!!


    You beat me to it!!!



    At first glance I thought busted means unattractive, at second glance I knew it defintely means unattractive, a step down from a tip drill.

  • PHILLY DA BOSS inda323

    OH GOD….black people….so emberassing

    for the love of money….

  • PHILLY DA BOSS inda323

    this inspires me to have a daughter and set an example

  • Real Talk

    Damn I actually feel the some of the pressure men are put in now. If you have a woman and you meet broads like this on the street, I can understand how a man could cheat. No they aren’t beautiful but they are freaks.

  • Y-Berg

    Hilary Clinton is a Bust It Baby

  • Riddla

    I think this is the 1st time i have ever been truly ashamed of my race… This is why sistas have such a hard time gettin the respect they deserve. Bust it babies??? SMH How flattering

  • New Orleans Finest

    damn damn damn!!!!

  • PHILLY DA BOSS inda323

    and on second thought

    why alot of them girls so busted?? as in tore up

    the one broad near the end had the funny lookin ass

  • Yes I Said It & I Meant It Too

    Can someone please explain to me what in the hell a “bust it baby” is and what is her role in a goon’s world?! Better yet what the F–k is a goon?!

  • valenne

    Oh Well, we womebm have been rainwashed to a point that we think that having a big ass is enough to be someone. Because every time, there is a woman showing her asser on a magazine, people come here and say that it is her “hustle”. I am sorry. All these broads should go to school, try to have a job and keep their ass in their pants. I mean, what can you win doing that seriously. few stacks and back tp the ghetto. For god sake don’t they have a mama to tell them what the real life is!!!

  • serene

    why do we continue to do this to ourselves……smh

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