Desperate and Shady Clintons Try to Scare White Folks

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It was reported today the shady and desperate Clintons have been passing this image of Obama visiting Kenya around in an attempt to scare some weak Democrats.

Clinton is changing her game up a little and now is even mocking Obama’s message of hope. The devil sho is busy. If the shady Clintons do trick their way into winning the primary, we are staying home. Yes We Can!!!




  • http://none Hillary Clinton

    First Faggots!

  • ayannananananana

    lol wtf is this photo

  • NYCPryncess

    Hillary should be ashamed.

    Just shows that Obama’s about to do some thangs!

    OBAMA ’08

    P.S. Second!

  • Keepin' It Real (D'Original)

    Damn, they’re trying everything imaginable like they’re Republicans or something…


    rather than use cheap tactics to scare the traumatized post 9/11 americans id really like to see hillary campaign gain support on the strength of her speech alone. she cant do that so now she’ll resort to name calling and playin on the fears of americans just like bush did/has/is doing

  • redman

    why would you name the picture “obamaamuslim”? It kind of sounds as if you’re trying to imply that he is as well.

  • Fresh Perspective

    This is discraceful and disgusting. Playing upon American’s ignorance of Islam in thinking that all Muslims are terrorists is shameful. They’re bringing out all the guns against him because the Clinton’s know they’re going down. Of course I’m not surprised. The McCain regime will play upon his middle name, Hussain, as the election approaches. I’m sure his campaign will see right through this and will hopefully see this as an opportunity to continue to enlighten Americans.


    @ Keepin It Real

    i dont know whats up with the clinton camp.. .its like they came out real cut throat .. thats not goign to win them an election.. it only makes them look bad. This was not what Bill did back in 92 to win presidency

  • Stringer Bell

    I glad that most americans are smarter then they were right after 911.. and can see that this is just a scare tatic…

    Americans deserve a little more credit then that.

    What makes what I said so ill.. is that I;m canadian!! haahhahaha

  • Storm

    The Clintons are showing their true colors and I hope their supporters take notice.

  • KnowYourABCs

    The Clintons are going to be the reason that the Republicans win again.

    She’s trying so that if she and her husband can’t get in the White House, Obama and his wife sure as hell isn’t.

    Obama ’08 or nothing at all.

  • Lili

    If you read the linked article, he’s actually dressed as a “Somali elder” while visiting northern Kenya.

    But of course the Clinton campaign wants everyone to think the Middle East. Damn shame.

    I hope he brings this up in the debate tomorrow night! The Clintons really need to go down.

  • Kym G

    ME Too @ Stringer Bell

    I’m glad that Americans, all races and ethnicities can see throught this silly tactic.

  • uptowngirl

    SMDH. But no matter what they do we won’t stop cause we can’t stop. OBAMA 2008 & 2012!!!!!


    true americans are smarter, but you do have the Texans to worry about .. and the hicks from Ohio who immediately think Middle East .. no Terrorists when they see people with turbans or any type of head dress on, and if you remember those are the states that Obama is fighting to get through to.

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