Drake’s a “Young Money” Millionaire

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The drama surrounding which label Drake wanted to sign with was deeper than a damn NFL draft. He was touted to go to several different record labels and now it looks like he went the direction with the most money

The long-anticipated wait is over as Drake has signed a record deal which places him under the wings of Young Money, Cash Money, Universal and Republic. While an official statement has yet to emerge, the rapper’s long trek of signing speculation has come to an end. (SOHH)

Aside from the announcement, online reports spread last week which said Drake would likely be signing with Universal Motown.

According to several sources on the left coast, Toronto native, and Hip-Hop’s second coming, Drake, who’s been used as tug toy between Atlantic Records, Universal Records, Interscope Records and Def Jam Records has allegedly inked a deal with Universal Records.

From my understanding, Drake was set to announce his new found Hip-Hop residence some time soon, but I guess word got out a little premature and landed directly in my lap. Now, the lil birdie who threw me this tidbit got the information straight from the label, so you can kill the LowKey’s making up ish? commentary – ASAP. And if this doesn’t serve true, well someone up at Universal Records has a lot of explaining to do. (BET)

We aren’t mad at him but we wonder if things might go sour between him and Lil Wayne if he starts gettin’ more props.



  • Hannibal

  • Golden Goddess


  • http://BOSSIP only in LA


  • Hannibal

    Sign with murda inc!

  • http://BOSSIP only in LA

    he ugly, but hella swagger

  • Hannibal

    @Golden Goddess and only in LA


  • http://BOSSIP only in LA

    AWWW DAMN, not 1st

  • Golden Goddess

    dang it!!

  • That_Chick

    Do u thing drake wayne not gonna hatee he said him self drake is better than him thats why he came first!


    Buzz is easy…..You gotta sell records tho I hope he can do it. WALE YOU NEXT BOY!!!!! DC!!!

  • Divine


  • hope4more

    All that hype and he has not put anything out yet? Time will tell.

  • Its6amHoGetOut, In Vegas ya'll and I already feel better about wasting 3 1/2 hours watchin' the 2009 BET Coon awards.


  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

    He did a real good job with that!!!

    That’s what you’re supposed to do so that you won’t get a ni@@a deal…

    – He built a SOLID fan base over this time period (*the youngin’s LOVE this dude both male & female)
    – He has an established image and so an A&R can’t come in and f*ck it up
    – He has heavy weights in the industry co-signing him hard = Lil’ Wayne, Mary J. Blige, Jay-Z… (*and has songs with them already)

    Lyrically I have to admit the young boy is good, HOWEVER his stage presence and ability to rock a crowd (*even with the hottest song in the country) is HORRIBLE!!! (*case and point = B.E.T Awards last night and other performances which can be found on YouTube)

    Stop looking at the floor when you’re performing, Fam!!!


  • BooRae

    @ Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

    Drake’s stage presence is prob not polished yet because of stage fright. You try getting yourself on stage in front of the many judging people, or just a crowd alone. It’s not easy. But I do see what you’re saying… & what is: a ni@@a deal…
    ?? What’s that?

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