Watch Out Eminem…You’ve Got Competition

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mariah is em for new vid4

Mariah Carey will be spoofing Eminem in her new video. Talk about beef? She does look like a young white guy in the picture, we can’t lie.

Pop it and see Mariah as Eminem and as herself with her boy toy prey Nick Cannon

mariah is emmariah is em for her new videomariah is em for new vid2mariah is em for new vid3mariah is em for new vid5


  • * i am royalty *


  • Symone

    That’s funny!

  • My Love is Like...........


  • My Love is Like...........

    Well 3rd

  • Nique

    Interesting…Good thing she is a woman cause she would look hella ugly as a dude!

  • crazysexycool

    that’s really funny…who would’ve known Mariah could clown like that

  • Scoobie...also known as Scoobiesnax


  • Kami All Day


    THAT’S Mariah Carey??????

    I thought it was some new kat who was trying to battle Em. Oh, lordy!

    She looks… Eminem, for real! LOL @ the do-rag she has on underneath her fitted.

    This will be interesting to see, nonetheless.

  • Khristal

    GET HIM =GUT PUNCH HIM – he been attacking her for too long

  • Iyan

    LOL! If she didn’t smile in one pic, I would never have known it was her.

  • sushine20745

    she fooled me for a few seconds

  • tb

    Oh well.

  • Frog-a-licious

    MC is a mess. LMAO!

  • L

    She looks like a really strange fella…


    MARIAH is ugly PERIOD, not just dressed as a man….YUCK.

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