Michael Jackson Leaves Father Out of the Will

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Joe Jackson and Michael Jackson

Joe Jackson is the main reason Michael’s life was so tragic. The fact that he left his father out of the will comes as no surprise since Joe helped create the troubled man we all watched change before our very eyes. Pops is doin’ too much right now anyways. He doesn’t deserve a dime of Michael’s money.

Michael Jackson signed a will in 2002 providing for his children and his mom, but leaving nothing to daddy Joe — this according to the Wall Street Journal.

As we reported yesterday, attorney John Branca has the will and plans to file it with the court within 30 days of the singer’s death. According to the will, Jackson reportedly left his estate — estimated at $1 billion — to his mother, 3 children and one or more charities.

As for why Joe was left out — Jackson has said during his childhood his father beat him.

Looks like MJ got the last laugh, even in his death.

Michael Jackson record sales are going crazy now, naturally:

Michael Jackson will be the King of Billboard when sales figures are released Wednesday.

According to preliminary reports issued by the magazine, three of Jackson’s albums have moved over 100k since his untimely death Thursday, June 25. The titles, which include “Number Ones,” “The Essential Michael Jackson,” and “Thriller,” all sold at least 100k before Sunday night.

While Jackson’s sales jump will not be reflected on the Billboard 200 albums chart, due to the albums being ineligible as catalog entries, Billboard says Jackson will dominate the catalog and overall sales charts.

In comparison, last week’s #1 catalog album sold 9,000 copies. “Off the Wall,” “Bad,” “Dangerous” and “The Ultimate Collection” have also sold well at retail and through digital retailers such as Amazon.com. In fact, Jackson’s digital sales surged to nearly 1.8 million last week. Again, exact sales figures will be revealed Wednesday, July 1.

Might as well pay your respects to his music, especially since he has given so much to us.




  • Redd Foxxx(Pretty Wings)

    Go MJ!

  • Nigga Said

    Joe Jackson made the Jackson’s who they are. He was the driving force that made them famous. Although his method was wrong, the outcome was beyond amazing.

  • Lies and Bullshit

    why am I not surprised? Joe, shame on you for making your child feel less than or even ugly. you failed as a dad or joe… who the heck calls their parent by the first name anyway?

  • tb

    I don’t blame Mike. Joe did this to Mike.

  • Scoobie...also known as Scoobiesnax

    Uh, so if he left the money to his mother and she is married to his father wouldn’t it be redundant to put both of them in the will?

  • Jazmine

    Mike has children who are his first priority. His children should recieve ALL of his estate and fortune not his parents. I hate to say it like that but he owed nothing to his parents no matter if Joe “made” him or not. God is the only true creator and look at what Joe “made” him to be in the first place. I would have left his sponging a** out of my will too.

  • Zilamk MJ

    i dont know about that but if Joe didnt do that mike would have been a normal kid just like his brothers….

  • Kami All Day

    I dont know the extent to which MJ was beaten by his father, and I dont attribute his beatings for Michael’s success, solely.

    I mean, what if Mike didnt grow up to be this famous star, but was just another kid who was beaten by his father? Then the father would get total blame and called all kinds of names. But because he was probably the driving force in getting the Jackson 5 off the ground, then its okay that MJ was abused by his father?

    Makes no sense.

    But hey…obviously MJ didnt give two thoughts about how his father probably sacrificed alot to manage his kids on their upcoming career(s), hence, him not leaving him ANYTHING.

    Which makes me believe that Joe was probably a little more than abusive.

  • sepiaesthetica

    I agree that his dad was wrong for beating him and that that is probably reason enough for him to leave him out of his will. However, how many of you had parents who whipped your tail and who you still love dearly? Please, stop acting like what Joe Jackson did was so abnormal. At least he beat his kids AND helped make them stars. How many of us go beat and are broke??? LOL

  • Redd Foxxx(Pretty Wings)

    It is what it is kids! Its over now it does not matter who did what to who. So let it go!

  • Back On My Swag

    Something just don’t sit right with me when I see Joe Jackson and Al Sharpton together. They look like two old pimps that’s out for Michael’s money.

    Catherine should’ve divorced that fool a long time ago. Now, if something happens to her – Joe Jackson would get everything. He might be so shady as to make sure something happens to her – I just don’t trust him for some reason.

  • AKEYSfan1981

    Well, I’m not surprised about that. But I do believe whatever Ms. Katherine gets she will give the family out of her share. Those children will be on her like stank on sh$t.

  • nobody cares

    there’s a difference between pushing your kid to excel and breaking their spirit, especially if you have a timid child. jo abused mike, point blank, and it have reverberating repercussions throughout michael’s life. may he rest in peace finally

  • http://www.myblackisbeautiful.com Symone

    A little off topic, but….

    That’s the way I understand it is that the money goes where the children go.

    It was reported last night that Debbie Rowe did not give up her parental rights to the children. If that’s true, she has the legal right to fight for custody of her kids. She is the biological mother of the two older children.

    This will not be pretty.

  • Luv-Lee

    Good. I’m so glad Michael didn’t grow up to be a mean spirited person like his father was to him. In every interview I saw NOBODY had anything bad to say about Michael. He had been describes as kind, and gentle. He obviously got those characteristics from his mother Katherine. Michael is NOTHING like Joe. That man was evil to Michael.

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