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Tracey Edmonds had a little bit to say on Johnny Gill’s claims that her guests were being inappropriate at the “wedding”:

“I was very shocked and disappointed to hear of Johnny Gill’s false spin on the chain of events surrounding our wedding. His outrageous lies were clearly a very desperate and pathetic attempt to clean up his reputation at my expense. I would appreciate it if Mr. Gill would refrain from continuing to spread false gossip and lies to the public, and allow everyone involved to move on with their lives. We all know the real truth.”

What is it about that little yellow teeth tranny loving nicca anyway? The real truth that he is still getting it in with Eddie on a regular and that this whole entire situation was “suspect” from the jump.



  • Joey Boats

    First, hahaha

  • P-niiice

    My my myyyyyy, my my myyy my

  • dayg715

    damn, first his ex “tranny” wife, then scary spice, now these two, DAMN! eddie must have a BIG dick to have all these folks trippin’ like this! LMAO!!!

  • Harlem Chic

    Between all of Eddie’s women and baby-mommas…can’t none of these chics just come out and say Eddie is a fag? I mean damn…is Eddie that threatening? I’m tired of trying to read between the lines….just out with it already.

  • Jahpson

    she sound like a real educated woman!! go head girl.

    As for “johnnie boy”, keep them balls in ya mouth cause no one cares what you have to say

  • dayg715

    yeah, stringer, tracy did show her hand too early, but she keeps it pimpin’ though lol


    Damn Son! Trannies AND Homsexual leeches?! I’m COMIN OVER!

  • anonymous

    when did people start hatin’ on eddie murphy all of a sudden?

  • Southern Belle 225

    Johnny has BEEEEENNNN suspect long before “my my my”!

  • dbc

    The last person that said anything about him being a fag ended up dead on a side walk on some ” bad accident” sh*t. Uhm who wants to be the next one to make such a confirmation. Isn’t johnny’s bedazzled jacket talking loud and clear?

  • Ibn

    I heard the radio interview…and he dodged around the whole gay issue by bringing something else up…and her statement saying we all know the truth…tells it all men need to stop being afraid of who they really are and keep it real…you never prosper or be happy LIVING A LIE

  • Mocha Java

    Tracy better watch herself before she has an “accident”

  • Down-Low or should I say, Low-Down Eddie

    Why would Tracee go after Eddie the down-low lover’s money, when she received a seventy million dollar settlement from Babyface in their divorce? No, money has nothing to do with this, it’s something else. A few years back when the National Enquirer wrote a story about Eddie picking up male hookers dressed in drag, he threatened to sue. He called off his lawsuit when the Enquirer established that they had actual proof from the New York police dept. declaring that they had cited and warned Eddie for years not to cruise in certain red-light districts that were well known gay sexual hangouts. Eddie needs to leave these women alone and stop getting married to quell the gossip because nobody is fooled by him anymore.

  • mz.cee

    @RIP Prop Joe – Omar Oh Noooo



    MY MY MY ASS!!

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