Cheri Dennis Finally Releases an Album

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Here are some pics from Cheri Dennis’ album release party in NYC last night. Glad that Cheri has finally managed to drop an album after being on Bad Boy for almost a decade. Harve Pierre looks like he’s on one for real.

More pics from the event:

slimthuggcheridennis partycherijimmycozierchingycheridennisparty

More pics under the hood…



  • iluvprada


  • let em know!

    2nd! is the new 1st!

  • iluvprada

    2nd! is the new 1st…dat’s funny!

  • let em know!

    It looks like she lost some weight…finally, cuz her look in the portrait video was not the business.

    ..but judging from the bagginess of the dress in the front, probably not….

  • Angel_Minded

    Is he on crack?

  • jdub

    4th das my lucky number

  • candi

    jimmy cozier is still alive?

  • Stringer Bell V 2.0

    I’m not sure what it is about cherri dennis, but….. I would merk it… and I don’t know why????

  • Keepin' It Real (D'Original)

    Yeah, she has to be the Title Holder for being on a Record Label (the longest) without dropping an album… She has patience like a mother fu…

    I hope her album sells well:-(

  • I'm Just Me


  • Jahpson

    Harve stay looking like if he sit still for more than 1 minute, he starts to drool.

    dont he?

  • RIP Omar Little

    This is the chick had a song out like last summer or the summer before called “I love you”. Great beat but she’s kinda like a Rhianna. No real vocal skill or range but studio time kinda makes up for what she lacks.

    What I didnt know was that she is on Bad Boy. Diddy’s not on top anymore. I mean damn. What happened to 112, Total, My gurl Faith Evans. Why are they not making hits?

  • Lauren

    Who is she or any of these ppl for that matter

  • Lauren

    Who is she or any of these ppl for that matter

  • RIP Omar Little

    Oh and CHINGY is an undercover homo.He’s done prison time so can it really be that far fetched? Why all the star jewlery? FAG!!! Seems like so many of our young black men are in the homo life. Damn.If i see another dude in Harlem with skinny pants w/ them all the way down their ass. I’m gonna scream!You guys suck!! Yeah suck ass.. lol

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