John Lewis Gets His Mind Right

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Civil Rights leader and Democratic Atlanta congressman John Lewis has turned a new cheek and has dumped supporting that shady Hillary and is rolling with our boy Barack:

Lewis said Obama’s campaign “represents the beginning of a new movement in American political history” and that he wants “to be on the side of the people.”

“After taking some time for serious reflection on this issue, I have decided that when I cast my vote as a superdelegate at the Democratic convention, it is my duty … to express the will of the people.”

It’s about time. YES WE CAN!!!



  • Flygirl

    Yes we can!!!! I’m voting today.

  • So_Surrus

    What states are today?

  • Flygirl

    Our vote is next week i’m doing early voting.

  • Flygirl

    But I have to go back next week and cacus because of the tx two step.

  • da darkness

    he know better, how bout that. bye hil-liar fans, the fat lady is now in the building and she on stage.

    @Flygirl what was the name of cheri dennis song way back?

  • da darkness

    @So_Surrus ohio and maybe tx

  • So_Surrus

    oh ok, I just wish our society would look at all the good and not the flaws of one person, If you take a look at most of the blogs about Obama, man o man makes u sit and wonder if his winning is a good idea, But im Fully Supporting O8AMA!!!

  • mr mr

    I live in ATL…this COON didn’t turn the other cheek…he was forced into it..

    the black population here told him if he didn’t vote for Obama, they were gonna vote his black azz out….the radio station gave out his home number and everything

    he wants to keep his job (seat is up for reelection)…so he CONVENIENTLY had a change of heart

  • bree

    it’s amazing that the super delegates can actually vote AGAINST the popular vote in the first place

  • rayray

    hahahha…too funny

    He didn’t have a change of heart He’s the average negrow,with just (a-little) money in his pocket’s.(thinkin the whiteman’s gonna fix all)

    He’s the negro with money that thinks that a black man CAN’T have a vision bigger than himself

    And since most of the INTELLIGENT blacks are going the way of OBAMA,he doesn’t want to be called an uncle-tom. TOO LATE BRO! Hell,i’d rather have him HAVE THE COURAGE OF HIS CONVICTIONS AND VOTE FOR MR.&MRS. 3 – STRIKES LAW.

    But since he IS a super delagate,yea,we kinda need him.


  • Bird

    This doesn’t look good for me. It’s obvious he just wants to hold on to his job. I think he should be voted out anyway simply for being a turncoat. He didn’t support Barack when it was needed. He’s a fair weather politician.

  • sillyme

    “the black population here told him if he didn’t vote for Obama, they were gonna vote his black azz out….the radio station gave out his home number and everything”

    Wow, I guess Michelle Obama was incorrect when she said this is the first time people are voting without regard to a person’s color. Cuz, if you’re black and don’t support Obama or dare say anything negative about him, you WILL be attacked and harassed. Black folks are such hypocrites.

  • ewww

    whether he was forced or not the statemnet he made was completely true, People of alll colors love

    Obama because he is the face of change and hope.

  • ewww

    @ silly me

    shut the hell up!

  • Lauren

    ewwww-I co sign 100% with you and Michelle Obama….There are Black Republicans and Black Hillary supporters….They can keep riding for a dead campaign but we know the truth and the truth is OBAMA!

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