Tito’s White Suit Swag

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While Michael is out trying to save his Neverland Ranch, his brother Tito was spotted heading to London with his girlfriend rockin a white suit.

Tito seems like he’s the most normal out of the Jackson boys. Especially with that whole Jermaine and Randy having the same baby mama ordeal. SMH.



  • NotoriousOne

    Would have NEVER recognized Tito…I hope he ain’t tryna crash at MJ’s pad, Neverland! LOL

  • andrea

    that picture made me laugh

  • Don King

    That’s a damn shame that Mike used to look like that. Damn Mike, what happened? Anyway good to see Tito out and about. Bruh gotta be in his 50s. He looks good.

  • Don King

    Or a young Ronald Isley(no grease) 3 shades darker, bout to holla at a ho.

  • bree

    lmao @ Don King, i thought it was Gary Coleman..lmao

  • Kompton's Kutie

    The man is Fresh!

    She almost whiter than his suit!

    “Jermaine and Randy having the same baby mama ordeal”


  • RIP,RIP - meet Alexander O'Neal

    Damn, Tito looks like Joe…

  • http://lisalisa602003@yahoo.com lee lee

    Tito with Jermaine’s hair style.

    Looking way better & normal.

  • http://lisalisa602003@yahoo.com lee lee

    Tito minus the Greasy

    look of Jermaine’s hair.

  • I'm Just Me

    He does look pretty normal and decent.

    The suit is cool too but the hair i am not feeling.

  • Notahn

    they aint losin the jackson curl. the white suit is a bit much and the police issued shoes..but he aiight…gone tito.

  • Cage

    @ Don King: I see it man, i see it lol….

  • 5 dollas and 45 cents

    brothers and cousins…i mean damn come on…at the same damn time..

  • http://mahoganyonthereal.wordpress.com Southern Belle 225

    @don king..i know, huh? I think its because his neck is non-existant! Just head and shoulders!

    I am pissed about that white suit. He must didn’t get the memo that only Seal gets a pass for wearing a white suit right now.

  • Fuzzy aka Lip Chap

    Damn Tito, you are the only “Normal” lookin Jackson left. How does it feel?

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