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Here is a pic D-List R&B singer J. Holiday on stage at a performance.

Fill in the Blank: J. Holiday looks like he is ___________________.

Thanks Bree


  • Bird

    12 years old.

  • me888

    trying, but doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing!

  • Wenzel Dashington

    Tossing a salad like R. Kelly.

  • Bree

    Licking the wrapping paper for his “WEED”!


    Fishing for a new hit….

  • and another one...

    Waiting for Neyo to bend over

  • bree

    practicing witchcraft..’woooooly gooooly O!’

  • PrettyMissSunshine

    J. Holiday looks like he is ___________________

    ” doing a horrible simulation of what he looks like when he’s eating the coody cat”

    And if looking like a cat licking out of a damn milk bowl is how he does it than I’ll pass!!!

  • yella


  • Fuzzy aka Lip Chap

    J. Holiday looks like he is ___________________.getting ready to toss that salad pls!

  • Dawn

    LOL @ prettymisssunshine he does look like a cat licking milk out of a bowl.

  • guccigirl

    an inexperienced 4 player!


    I know the perfect place to put him while he’s makin that face.

  • kia the original

    j. holiday looks higher than the georgia pines! then again he probably is!

  • Baraka

    UM. HE is still and always will be a damn weedhead. Look at him.

    YOu know how you can just look at some people and they just look

    so … stupid. He looks like he is not very intelligent. Look at his face

    in all the other pictures. BEsides looking like he a lil’ slow,

    doesn’t he remind you of your weedhead exboyfriend. ???

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