Rihanna Pasties Her Nips While Partying With Jay-Z and The ROC

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Rihanna was out in Vegas over the weekend, hooking up with Jay-Z’s BFF, wearing pasties to cover her nip’s, getting cozy with another member of the R.O.C., and even chit chatting with Jamie Foxx. All of this went down yesterday at Club Tao as well as The Palms in Las Vegas.

Pop the top for a gang more pictures of party goers last night; Adrienne Bailon, Joe Camel, Jamie Foxx, and more



  • DallasUCMR


  • missj

    Please people give Rihanna some credit why would she go to bed with a married man when they are so many single guys out there?? I don’t particularly like her out fit but she is more sensible than that women husbands are off limits ..


    she need to layoff the coke.

  • http://bossip mom4son

    just sad, poor B its clear this lil girl has no respect for there unity always under her man.

  • C Allen

    Artist spend more time partying than working on their craft….no wonder the music sounds like crap now

  • Rihrih & hova rock!

    i love riri and jayz!!

  • mz.cee ♥

    @C Allen

    Artist spend more time partying than working on their craft….no wonder the music sounds like crap now

    So true, preach!!!

  • leah

    you sound very illogical and like some of us people here who stay in the box, very close minded. Despite I dont agree with some of riri actions, she came here innocent she changed in this system, with all this secret order shitt and americanize shitt, so you need to go take a trip like most of us shallow minded americans. I have visited barbados and it is the most develop in the cbean if anything riri chose to follow the trend but that is a style adpoted from lil kim that is not a barbadian thing, it is all what celebs turn to when they get too caught up so go read a book on culture and history. Dont take it personal it is just the truth nor be too sensitive like most of us are here! Silly!

  • goo-goo

    i hope bey is gettin it in somewhere, with someone else. hov was smashing rihanna, and they still get together from time to time. and hov is dealing with men (larry johnson) as well. bey is a smart girl, she’s about her money!

  • Anton Foster

    Look at ” Little Miss Sleep Around since I been Beat Down” showing her goods….

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  • dontno

    @Jay please move on!

    Why should be Beyonce mad?? i mean she loves making out with boys on the beach too.

    I dont see Jay-z hugging with another girl but i would love to see it.

    Jay can do way better!!!

    How?? LMAO!! He got better than he deserve.

  • Carla

    Isn’t she cold ? She should put a damn t-shirt on ! Lol……

  • Carla

    Rhi Rhio better be care or she might catch a deep chest cold, lol…..

  • http://www.lime-in.net The Lime

    @Lies and Bullshi-aka The Truth
    Please tell us the difference between Bajan standard of dress and American. Gimme some enlightenment.I thought it was an individual thing!

    Rihanna is not the only Bajan Aritste with a career:what about Alison Hinds,PHilip 7 and Kite? Did you even know the Doug-E-Fresh was Bajan????

    So many urban celebs have island roots: Nia Long (Trinidad), Naomi Campbell(Jamaica), Debra Lee CEO of BET (Jamaica), Mel B (St Kitts), Marianne Jean-Baptiste of Without A Trace (Antigua/St.Lucia), Leona Lewis (Guyana)……are we gonna put them all in a pile and expect each to be like the other????

    Will and come again my pardner….


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