Remy Ma Trial Date: March 6th

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Remy Ma aka Remy Smith is set for trial next week for shooting her friend Markeda Barnes-Joseph last summer:

Jury selection for the New York trial of a Grammy-nominated rapper accused of shooting an acquaintance over missing money will begin next week. The 26-year-old Bronx rapper is accused of shooting a woman in the abdomen last July after leaving a Greenwich Village party. She said the woman took $2,000 from her purse. She has pleaded not guilty to assault and related charges and is free on $250,000 bail. She could face up to 25 years in prison if convicted.

Damn, 25 years of getting that box eaten out by all the lovely prison ladies. Poor thang.


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  • Ebonyize

    First!!!!! Does anyone care about this, though? Me being first is bittersweet…..

  • Ebonyize

    Does she look like Lauryn Hill????

  • Milio

    For some reason, I am thinking she will get probation.


    I still can believe that she wore that to court. She should get 15 for the injustice alone!!!



  • Vinandi


    LOL- those trousers are wrong- a bit Andre 3000ish!

    If peeps coukd go to jail for crimes aganist fashion, I reckon Lil Kim, Trina, Flav ( and all those skanky chicks on his show), Amy WineHouse et al, would ber serving life

    who else do you think would go down?

  • Re

    @Nikki, LOL, although there was nothing that said she wore that to court. It’s still all wrong anyway…

    I hate to be a hater, but her face looks like mud. Whoever did her make-up should accompany her to jail.

  • mojojo195

    Even though she is only 17 I have to put Lil Mama on that list. She be looking stupid as hell at some events LOL


    @ Vinandi

    It is too many folks that should be locked up. Kelis would be one of those folks.

    @ Re

    That is a real old pic. I do believe that is one of her court “suits”. Ill research and get back at you with a post or date…

  • Vinandi

    yeah Lil Mama too and Lauren Hill!

  • Vinandi

    I would say Kelis- 70 % of the time gets it wrong, but somethimes her funky styles a hit!

  • Re

    LOL @Drock…I’m mad you even thought of that, lol!

  • bree

    the thing about Remy is that most of the time she looks like trash but she poses like she’s flawless

  • Don King

    @ bree, that’s called the Tiffany Pollard Syndrome. LOL.

  • Re

    @NIKKI, Gotcha. If thats old, Lord knows what she’s wearing now. What a tradgedy…

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