Spotted: Beyonce is Hangin Out in New York With Who??

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beyonce with bodyguard

While Jay-Z lives it up with the ROC and lets Rihanna breasts hang out… Beyonce is seen here taking a nice quiet stroll through Central Park with her nephew and stud of a bodyguard, Julius. Hmmm, what if Beyonce has a baby and it comes out cute, would people think it’s Julius’? We are just saying!

Pop the top to see some of her in Texas at the Show Your Helping Hands Press Conference

beyonce with bodyguard2beyonce with bodyguard3beyonce with bodyguard4beyonce with bodyguard5beyonce with bodyguard6


  • Golden Goddess☀

    getting too close with the body guard..

  • Angee

    The bodyguard is hot! I don’t think there is anything here, but who knows these days.

  • stickitbehindu

    That’s probably the only way she’ll reproduce, using the bg as a surrogate. She ain’t looking to have no zoo animals.

  • Joy

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  • LENA


  • Jade Silver (the truth shall set you free)

    I am quite convinced miss Bey is having an affair with Julius. That’s why she’s not upset by Rihanna and her man being together all the time. She’s getting hers. LOL.

  • Dnice

    yaaawwn. Much ado about nothing.

  • lady

    If Beyonce has a baby and it comes out cure, we’ll know it’s not Jay-Z’s.

  • Nigga Said

    Cant be any worse than having Lil Waynes baby

  • DC Native

    Wow so she’s in the park with her body guard. She needs one for the dumb asses out here in the world. Also, you all have seen some of the most beautiful people have some of the ugliest babys. Please do be fooled.

  • who cares?

    I think before any baby comes out this marriage is so OVER!!

  • Just Me

    Beyonce is pretty young lady…why does she hide behind all that blond horse hair!? As a natural beauty, she should know that less is more!

  • anyway

    Jay better open his eyes. She’s a tricky girl forreal!! i mean she doesnt even spend time with hova.

    Hova is way 2 good of a character for bey. he deserves better anyway.

  • mz.cee ♥

    On another note; I wonder what they generally be talking ’bout, since they do be together all the time… Does Julius eben have off days???

  • mz.cee ♥

    corr. eben = even …

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