Two Big Boobied Broads From Team Drake “Best I Ever Had” Video

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This is Ms. Cat from the Drake video “Best I Ever Had” directed by Kanye West. We have been getting a bunch of questions asking about these video hoes.

Funny though, when they were in all the other videos no one asked a thing. We are not sure if it was the Kanye direction amplifying their “talent” or the summer heat, but whatever the case is, the readers are asking for them.

Pop the top to see more of Ms. Cat and Rosa Acosta

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  • Sho nuff da stuff


  • Sho nuff da stuff

    Now back to the MJ tribute…where the real stars are…

  • Rrrrroe Ski Love-

    Ghettolicious I say!

  • Cynthia

    They okay …not urbanfrugalchic blog girls level lol

  • MissThang

    nice bodies. ugly faces

  • vexInTheCity

    Ok, this is a post for the “man dem” to comment on.


    The lord is my shepard. he KNOW what I want

  • too cute

    this gets old we have seen this so many times before,nothing new

  • http://Thetalentedtenth... Professor X

    Why is this news??

  • Baow!

    These women are EXTREMELY talented… and that’s the truth.

  • Joy

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  • white male

    They play that song here in LA on the radio non-stop. It is so annoying. It’s not a bad song but its so played out already.

  • Trey Tymes

    them girls is bad for real

  • Kim Anderson

    All them bishes fat and ugly!!

    I’m just kidding :D:

    Ladies get that paper!!

  • Khristal

    they almost urbanfrugalchic .com status…almost lol

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