Steve McNair Stood Up Mistress in Vegas Two Weeks Before Shooting

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Here are some more pieces to the Steve McNair murder/suicide puzzle:

As days pass, details of the murder/suicide of the former Tennessee Titan quarterback, Steve McNair, and his mistress Sahel Kazemi, continue to surface. The latest speculation is, McNair seemed to have wanted to pull away from the affair. Continue…


  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!


  • Old Timer

    We need to let this rest.

    It’s tragic for all concerned.

  • trini


  • trini

    so sad ….silver

  • DizzyGuy

    I can tell what type of chick this is…”If you don’t want to be with me…than you aint gonna be with NOBODY!!!”

    It always amazes me when jump-offs feel like they are royalty. If he really cared about you would he still be married.

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    ‘He wanted to pull away’…just a little to late! This is so sad on sooo many levels!

  • Joy

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  • Jade Silver (the truth shall set you free)

    @ Old Timer… My sentiments exactly.

  • Dnice

    Yes of course he did because he his 12 year anniversary with his wife was 2 weeks before the shooting.

  • Peenut

    damn yall im goin to kiss my wife as soon as i see her, let her know how much i love her, if Steve woulda left that hoe alone he would still be here today.I still think he loved his kids and his wife he just made a mistake. i doubt he was seriously considering leavin his family for her RIP Steve McNair


    Her family cracks me up.They’re just in denial that she was a jump off.

  • MaRRieD_MoMMy

    We see this on “Snapped” all the time. Nothing new here.

  • mamamia00

    Not understanding how her mother was ok with her 20 year old daughter dating a 36 year old married man. Shameful.

  • Her Family Is NUTZ!

    Is her family crazy?? They obviously are missing the fact that this man had a family. How was her family okay with this. This is a messed up situation. Sad.

  • Divine

    “Her family cracks me up.They’re just in denial that she was a jump off.”
    EXACTLY!! Are people really this simple? I’m mean…
    He was going to divorce his WIFE in two or three weeks so they could be married….?
    He did everything for her?
    But you were only concerned about their age difference?

    People lack morals and good judgement and plain ole common sense, I swear!

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