Peter King Vows to Fight Jackson’s Humanitarian Honor

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This Peter King character is straight up buster:

Texas State Representative Sheila Jackson Lee was one of many to speak at Michael Jackson’s memorial on July 7. At the memorial, Lee presented a House resolution to honor the late singer. She hoisted a framed copy of the resolution, embossed with a gold seal. The measure will be debated on the House floor, she said. Lee spoke powerful words about Michael and the negative media attention since his death. Without mentioning his name, Lee slammed the New York Congressman who called Jackson a “pervert” and “pedophile.” Continue…


  • Smoovee Sayz (Yes, Chris Tucker was there!!)

    knew this type of shyt was going to happen.

  • Moreaces.. Missing Mike

    Someone please shut this satanic looking azz down.

  • L

    Let him try

  • L

    “But the bottom line is, would you let your child or grandchild be in the same room as Michael Jackson?”

    Yes, why yes I would.

  • tania

    white people are having a hard time accepting that another black man has this type of influence over the world. they did the samething to obama but then got over it. they make me sick. no one says a damn thing about elvis

  • We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    LOL…this is what New Yorkers are paying their hard earned dollars for? A posthumous witch hunt?

    This is laughable and pitiable that he feels the need to engage in this self righteous crusade. Squawk as much about this unjust undeclared “war” we are in….or does Michael Jackson tie up the resources of your political/ideological reserves?


  • tania

    But the bottom line is, would you let your child or grandchild be in the same room as Michael Jackson?”

    Yes, why yes I would.

    me too. now would i let my child spend the night at any grown mans house, no i would not. but at the end of the day, those people set him up.

  • Danielle

    Peter King needs to find some business of his own to mind as he most be bored with is his life.

  • L

    those people set him up

    Yes they did!! It was obvious they set him up for his money…they said we are poor, MJ is a bit strange and he openly tells everyone he thinks he is Peter Pan, now Johnnie you tell the judge that MJ touched you and porbably coached him on what to say, SMH…That is something that they will have to klive with forever and NO money can take that away.

  • L

    When all of our troops are home, when all the violence is gone when people stop committing crimes and there are no children left behind, when the system fails no one and homeless people have homes and politicians ACTUALLY sleep with their own wives…THEN I WANT PETER KING TO WORRY ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON…Until then…you have some work to do .

  • okk

    why are some wht folks so evil some next type ish look we are all here blessed from the lord why will u deny what this man has, a gift..HAters in a big sense. darn

  • Poked in the Morning...

    you would have thought Mike molested him as a boy or something. got damn!

    Mike was not guilty on any of the counts so why is he reaching?

    Oh I get it, because he is black. Tell the truth.

    just like they don’t believe that OJ didn’t do it even though he was acquitted.

    But let Scott Paterson been found not-guilty…

    I hate America sometimes.

    besides, don’t he got better things to do? he is no better then MJ’s fans taking the time out their day to mourn him.

  • L

    @Lady Love…

    Chill out is your name gonne be Lady Love and you in here HATIN?? Why am I stupid??

  • okk

    he can kiss our asses cause he lives on Gods will fuk****

  • Peter King for White America

    I am going to fight any humanitarian award for this black molestor. In fact, i am writing letters to my fellow white concerned congressmen and i am stamping those letters with one of our American heroes, Elvis Presley. The true King did his time in the military and as a matter of fact he married Priscilla when she was a ripe 15 years old.

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