WTH? Raven Symone Has a Baby Girl by Her Gay-Lover?

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raven and jussie

This dude up top with Raven Symone is supposedly Jurnee Smollet’s gay brother, Jussie Smollet. Well, we received a tip stating that he donated his sperm to his best friend Raven and she NOW has a baby girl. Pop it for the details and pictures of the little girl

The tip came in on the seventh of this month with pictures:

Raven is a big girl and fell through the cracks of Hollywood for the last five months while carrying very easily, so she basically went baggy at about 4 months pregnant. You know how you blogs are hard on her anyways. Raven had the baby about a month ago in a Atlanta Hospital. She is the mother of a beautiful baby girl, Lilianna Pearman.

Congrats to Raven on her babygirl, but damn this sounds like an interesting Hollyweird situation.

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  • Scooter


  • The Butcher

    Stop posting lies!!

  • yo

    yall be sleeping on those blogspots, that blog called celebhaterz already had this on their blog this is old news

  • Christina

    OMG this is crazy, but she has a beautiful baby if this is true


    Oh Gawd!!!

  • Shirelle


  • r.kelly

    Don’t believe it.



  • Purrfitfit

    is this for real?


    I dont think we should believe everything that we hear

  • Jazzie

    Congratulations to Raven! Finally a real baby and maybe a real story. Who cares how it was done. The baby is hers to care for. So you go girl. Hell she is like 25 now.

  • Nigga Said

    That’s so dumb. That’s so untrue. That’s so irresponsible(to report this). That’s so….so…Raven!!!!!

  • Shelly O

    Yuck….who would want to have a baby with a foggot! Yuck!

  • Lake

    Why do people think it’s ok too just have babies… what about the child… I don’t care what anyone says, a baby needs a family unit as a support system, that means mother and father… Think about the child, stop addressing your needs only… (come on people)

  • tb

    I’ll believe it when I see her holding the baby.

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