Just in Case You Thought Chris Breezy Wasn’t Working Her Jaws

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Here is Rihanna and Chris Brown over the weekend in Paris after a fashion show.

We think they look good together but our body language experts say she is not really feelin’ him though.


Even more pics under the hood

rihanna paris galliano showrihanna paris galliano show2rihanna paris galliano show3rihanna paris galliano show4

Rihanna shopping at Jean-Paul Gaultier in Paris:

rihanna jean-paulrihanna jean-paul2rihanna jean-paul3rihanna jean-paul4

rihanna jean-paul5rihanna jean-paul6rihanna jean-paul7rihanna jean-paul8

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  • Tia

    awww how cute!!

  • ~*~IslandNik~*~

    2nd.. i think they’re adorable

  • ThatTouchOfPink

    I think they are a cute couple.

    I love Rihanna, but those eyes man . . .she seems like she could be a little maneater if she wants to.

    Chris, be careful! I looks very IN LOVE

  • ThatTouchOfPink

    HE Looks very in love . ..my bad

  • kigali

    You know, not everyone feels their significant other all the time. Sometimes my man gets on my nerves and men are known to need their “cave time.”

  • http://myspace.com/bobbeneby Cinnamon-Goodness

    why wen dey pics lik these 2geda, or wen dey wuz in da pool..etc all close n luvv duvvy do dey still deny being 2geda? Goshhhhh, dat whole ‘no we aitn 2geda evn tho we show public affection’ ting only wurx 4da white celebs :|

  • lovingRich.COM

    I saw him there before..

  • Mary J Blige


  • jojo

    This will last as long as a baby Porcupine playing with a balloon.

  • Mary J Blige


  • Marsha

    I dunno this all seems a lil fake to me as well, but whatever they look cute together

  • Mary J Blige


  • Mary J Blige


  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    They are too cute. Young love is a good thing.

  • Lia

    Y’all think she not feeling him because of “ONE PICTURE where she doesn’t look “in love”. WTF?. It doesn’t matter how much in love you are. If you take tons of pics of a couple there will always be pics like that. I think tey make a nicelooking couple.

    It’s funny when people say it’s stage and fake almost like they think celebs can’t fall in love. Why would CB follow her around the world see her family..etc if he wasn’t dating her? LOL

    They make a nice looking couple.

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