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the game 50 close

Jayceon Taylor turned himself in to serve his alleged 60 days in jail he was sentenced last month for pulling a burner out on a basketball player at a park in Cali:

The Game finally showed up to Twin Towers to serve his weapons-possession sentence, and we’ve learned that he’ll be a “keep away” while inside, meaning that he’ll be segregated from the general population while in the joint.

Poor thang.


the game mug shot



    WHA??? Are they kissin’?


    @ KZZ

    You got me…another for the team!!

  • Southern Belle 225

    Grown ass “hard” ass men don’t need to be kissing. Anyways, i dont’ feel sorry for him. He is taking his charge and doing his time. Good for him and lets hope he’s learned his lesson.

  • Kool Moe Deez Nuts

    What’s that? A rapper pulled a gun on somebody over a damned basketball game?

    Well, *that’s* certainly a first.

  • SmoK.E.Y.

    DON’T DROP THE SOAP boo boo!


  • I'm Just Me

    Umm…are we surprised. I love this pic though. Game was not feeling it that day. WHATEVER!! That is how i also feel about 50cent.

  • I'm Just Me

    @ CAGE….Butterfly shyt! YOU STOOPID!!!


  • Bird

    A 60 day sentence in Hollywood is like a week isn’t it? If he does more than that there has to be some discrimination going on.

  • I'm Just Me

    shyt= tats!

    LMAO…wrote it incorrectly.

  • Kompton's Kutie

    Even tho he thinks this is a bad thing, it will actually be a good thing. It’s his time to let the past 15yrs go and have a better future, so things can actually go right in his life……

    God has a reason for everything. Sometimes he has to sit you down and allow you to figure out what you have done and what you decide to continue to do in life……I just let God work.

    ….and no they wasn’t kissing. He didn’t even want to be there nor apologize to Bat-Monkey, and that I can say I agree with him on.


    @ KZZ

    Mama I GOTS to get it out here!!!

  • Astrid

    It’s about time.

  • mojojo195


    are you trying to leave work again LOL

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Well good for him… he only do 1/2 the time anyway. But I bet he comes out with a rap saying that he was on lock down for 7yrs. and bragging about how he’s a convicted felon now.

    Such a drama kang!

  • 5 dollars and 57 cents

    i mean ….smh….im sayin..why do these dudes put out hard core cd’s and then turn around and start kissin and ish…i mean they be talkin bout money cars and nigg* got shot with a glock and then turn around like:

    “haaay boo, your cd was cute..2 snaps, muah”

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