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kim kardashian homeless man

Kim Kardashian was spotted giving a man $20 last week outside the Gucci store.

Fill in the Blank: Instead of $20, that brotha would have preferred ______________________.


  • charter club

    more than 20?

    that’s nice of her, btw…


    a lap dance

  • RIP Snoop

    that was nice

  • braided beauty

    well aint that sweet… she still has a thing for black men…. kudos for her!

  • Dolla Bill

    some of that sweet Armenian ass!

  • tdh

    a lil head, followed by a 20

  • Look@urself

    why she standing so far away lol

  • symona

    Funny how these celebs are always giving to the needy when a camera happens to be around.

  • Mary J Blige

    Instead of $20, that brotha would have preferred …the ability to walk?

  • Bohwe

    Leave that girl alone, already!

  • flyygurl

    I agree with Bohwe….LET THAT CHILD BE!

  • Swan

    a reach aroud

  • SMDH

    He’s probably wishing for a blow job!!

  • Richard

    Damn – Now giving to the homeless is reason for ridicule.

  • Richard

    She’s standing so far away because she has no bra on and does not want to give him a show…..only a $20.

    and u talk about haters.

    @SMDH – Really. Is that your pic?

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