Russell Simmons and Jay-Z Support Obama

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bdr camel

Blood Diamond Russ and Camel are on Team Barack:

Jay-Z speaks on behalf of Barack Obama’s campaign for the Ohio primaries stating “Bring your friends and families make sure your voices are heard for change. It’s time for change. It’s time for Barack Obama.Click here to listen to the drop.

Russell Simmons states “Obama’s leadership, passion and demand for a change resonates effectively with the aspirations of millions of people who want a better quality of life. This is truly a transcendent and historic moment in American politics and I am obligated

not to remain on the sidelines. I support and endorse Barack Obama for President.”

Let’s get it!! Yes We Can!!


  • hiswife

    Thank you!!! It’s about damn time the Hip Hop artists used that same voice to bring about positive change…


  • Kompton's Kutie

    OBAMA 08

  • Exclusively Written

    That’s Right! I’m in Tx right now, and I will be voting tonight at the Caucus because I went and voted early! OBAMA!!!!

  • Exclusively Written

    Everybody in Tx get out and vote today!!!

    Everybody in Tx get out and vote today!!!

    Everybody in Tx get out and vote today!!!

    Everybody in Tx get out and vote today!!!

  • Maurice

    About effing time jigga man stepped up to the plate. I am proud of him. :) Obama ’08!

  • Southern Belle 225

    Obama 08!!

    All TX residents, please go out and vote today. He and Billary are damn near tied so each vote is going to count!

    Did anyone hear what Rush L told his listeners? He is a republican and he told his listeners to go out and vote for hillary today to throw the democrat game off. He must know that if Obama wins this primary that McCain will lose. How low do people have to sink?

  • Luving "The Wire" Forever..HOV

    I was waiting to hear from Jay on this issue..

    It’s BARACK Ya Bastads!! HOV

  • Jahpson

    Jay and Russ support Obama. But are they registered to vote? that is the question!!

    i know there are many low-life stans on here who will get so excited just because their hero supports a candidate that the black media gives the thumbs up to.

    everyone who has an opinion on ANY candidate..i hope your registered to vote and intend on voting in the primaries or the official election come this fall. otherwise stfu!

  • blackpreneur

    Obama 08!!!!

  • Bird

    I gotta commend you for keeping it real. Although they are supporting the candidate you would kill your mama for you still diss them. A fake a$$ might have been nice to them just this once. Ain’t nothing wrong with being conisistant.

  • crazy black lady

    i have voted in texas but the polls show hillary in the lead in tx & oh. i hope the early voting puts obama over the top. if hillary wins tx & oh, she’ll win the nomination! vote for obama!

  • Astrid

    Russell will probably call Sen. Obama the n-word and his wife a ho since he likes to defend using those words so much. I wonder if he is going to be able to convince his friend Paris Hilton to support Obama . . . and keep her promise with that whole “Vote or Die” thing; she didn’t vote last time so it’s time for her to take the latter.

  • Lovely One

    This is sooo tacky. Russell & Jay Z wait to endorse Obama once its OBVIOUS that he has the momentum to win. An example of bandwagoning at its best.

    They must’ve thought it would be good for thier career if they supported Barack. Fickle Hollywood ppl are wack. I could be wrong, but I dont think their endorsement is genuine.

    And all of that is coming from a Barack supporter.

  • hiswife

    There were other states where she was on top and came out on the bottom (where she probably always is)…

    Even if they are not registered voters all the people that take their music literally will go out and vote for OBAMA why??? Cuz Jigga said so…


    I vote EARLY this morning!! And got to work EARLY proudly wearing my sticker!


    Thank you!!! It’s about damn time the Hip Hop artists used that same voice to bring about positive change…

    I agree!!!

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