Slime Bucket Joe Slings More Grease on MJ’s Name

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Seems like Joe can’t keep his trap shut when it comes to his sons previous affairs! This go round Joe decided to voice his opinion on MJ’s upcoming tour! In an interview with ABC News Joe went in on MJ’s London tour claiming that too many dates were pushed in! Read the folly below:

Bucking assurances from managers who had seen Michael Jackson’s final concert rehearsals, Joe Jackson said his son would not have been able to complete the 50 shows scheduled for the pop icon’s “This Is It” tour and was forced into booking more performances than he was capable of. “The comeback tour was a good idea, but the wrong idea about it. There was more tours added onto it,” Joe Jackson told ABC News’ Chris Connelly in an exclusive interview. “Michael told me himself. That he agreed to 10 shows. But they went and added all these other shows.”

When was the last time Joe managed a tour… Hell he can barely manage his face let alone someone’s career moves, Joe sit your ass down somewhere!


  • Hannibal

  • cruzan trini


  • Bohwe

    In all fairness, MJJ had the last laugh when it comes to Joe. When the American Dream came out, everyone began hating Joe, for his mistreatment of MJJ, and every exclusive interview MJJ did , he totally vilified his daddy. And now people, media , laugh and totally disgusted by Joe. Payback is real. MJJ got his daddy back for his childhood.

  • Sally

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  • Saltaya

    Again I say…stop blaming Joe for everything. None of them would be where they are today if it weren’t for him. Many people had strict parents…the thing that makes them different from the Jacksons is that they don’t have a public platform to complain to. At least they received a huge payday also, while others just have the memories.

  • King BILL

    Dam whats wrong with what he said? get off teh dude dam!


    This man (and I use that term lightly) is the MAIN reason Michael’s children should not be in the care of Katherine. The only 2 Jackson children who could protect those children from Joe are Rebbie and/or Janet.

    Joe is relishing his return to the spotlight a little too much!

  • Hell Is Not Full

    Joe Jackson is simply telling the truth –

  • Dina

    I agree with Joe that 50 concerts was pushing it. That’s a lot for someone young. But Joe needs to sit down and shut up, it looks like his face is melting.


    true. it was probably a bit much. He is getting paid to down talk his deceased son. He is in need of money. I hope Janet or Rebbie do get the children.

  • Moreace

    I dont think Micheal could have pulled off all thoes shows either, but still Joe is a Monster, and I wish he would just GTFA

  • Miss Nuby

    Correction: You guys were the ones who put it on your website first stating that he was doing 10 shows. Then it went up to 50. Do the research…

  • llibra22

    I agree with most of the comments, I read somewhere that MJ was only suppose to do 10 shows and the management team pushed for more. MJ was 50 it was only so much his body could stand I don’t care how in shape he was. I agree with Joe on this one 50 shows was tooooo much for MJ.

  • ShampooPressNCurl

    Did y’all know the his mustache and eyebrows are tattoos? DEAD when I heard that.

  • http://bossip MoniSings

    I agree with those who say there’s nothing wrong with what he said. Where I have a problem is that he’s just FOUL all around. But his statements in this case were true. He still needs to go sit down somewhere!!!

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