Slime Bucket Joe Slings More Grease on MJ’s Name

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Seems like Joe can’t keep his trap shut when it comes to his sons previous affairs! This go round Joe decided to voice his opinion on MJ’s upcoming tour! In an interview with ABC News Joe went in on MJ’s London tour claiming that too many dates were pushed in! Read the folly below:

Bucking assurances from managers who had seen Michael Jackson’s final concert rehearsals, Joe Jackson said his son would not have been able to complete the 50 shows scheduled for the pop icon’s “This Is It” tour and was forced into booking more performances than he was capable of. “The comeback tour was a good idea, but the wrong idea about it. There was more tours added onto it,” Joe Jackson told ABC News’ Chris Connelly in an exclusive interview. “Michael told me himself. That he agreed to 10 shows. But they went and added all these other shows.”

When was the last time Joe managed a tour… Hell he can barely manage his face let alone someone’s career moves, Joe sit your ass down somewhere!

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