The Dream: “If Wayne and Nivea Get Married We Need to Have a Talk”

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The Dream discussed his recent feelings on Nivea and Lil Wayne expecting a child in a recent interview.

“I’ve never met him,” The Dream says of Lil Wayne. “We’re somewhere in the grey area I guess, cause we haven’t had the chance to talk. But I wish him and Nivea the best. If marriage comes up then we’ll definitely need to have a conversation. But right now we don’t need to, cause even though she’s pregnant, there’s no real commitment between them, to the point where we’d need to have a conversation.”

Is it us or does the Dream seem like he wants all his cake and then some! Judging from his gut lately he’s been doing a lot of eating…



  • Hannibal

  • Peenut


  • Sasha

    Atleast he takes the grown man approach.

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  • Hannibal


  • Sally

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  • Shim Shim Sha La Bim

    Dream bout 35 singing like an 8 year old. Why? That’s the real question…

  • saxony

    What could he possibly have to discuss???



  • i am done with it


  • mamamia00

    He sounds like he’s her daddy talking about his child’s first boyfriend. Please.

  • Angee

    Why do he feel the need to conversate with Wayne if they (Wayne and Nivea) get married? I think Dream and Nivea have kids together. Has Nivea conversated with Dip it Low??

  • Somer

    What is wrong with these women. Once Lil’ Wayne knock them up, he cut off communication. They all need HIV testing

  • Cherry

    Damn Dream…u sure did loose weight..

    i could dig where he’s coming from..another man around another’s kids crosses boundaries that should be addressed…no wants another man playin daddy 2 their kids

  • http://bossip (( * )) ^ (( * ))

    Well the conversation would probably have to do with Lil Wee Wee wanting to F*** all the “girls” of the World!!! Eeeeeew the momma and the step-daughter…


  • Balls Deep

    Nivea is HIT!!

  • MeMe_Slim

    This damn man has a right to be concerned about who is up and around his child. Wayne doesn’t stay with these women. Then who’s next around his GIRLS. They had girls. What girl see their mother do is how they end up majority of the time. ……………

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