No Way! Aubrey O’Day Has Booty Implants?!?!?

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aubrey and naturi

Naturi and Aubrey H-O’Day are doing Paper Magazine, and these are the backstage freak photos. She changed her skin color and in the pictures  below she is showing off her NEW CAKE as well. Yeah, it looks like Aubrey has either has gotten butt implants, or has found the key to boosting your bubble. (Diddy does a number on these ducks)

Here is what she twitted…

“Look at how big my booty is getting. I’m so excited! Thick white girls unite!”

Pop it and take a look at her new cake and more from her Vegas “Peep Show”

aubrey and naturi4aubrey and naturi2aubrey and naturi5aubrey and naturi6aubrey and naturi7aubrey and naturi3


  • Smart Girl

    good morning.



  • Chocolate Thunder

    I keep tellin my wife white girls would pay for what she got for free…

    Big as her but is we could get rich selling boody transplants…

  • Samuel Jackson Beer


  • Samuel Jackson Beer


  • the_one

    This tart is crazy, you are not black, damn or Armenian, some one take the spray tan can away please. I hate talentless twits.

  • nobody cares

    she looks like beyonce in the group photos. white girl dying to be black…or is bey a black girl dying to be white? – so confused –

  • Lady Minerva

    Why is she trying to be Black? She should just be happy to be White.

  • Mama Mila

    F***ing alot gives you a booty……

  • Lady J


    Are you a black gurl or a white male?????????????……

  • yo

    ummm…i thinks she a very pretty girl! Butt might be real! It don’t look fake to me! I use to play softball and those white girls be on the thick side, booty and all!

  • Patiently waiting

    lol at the twitter comment I guess the plot continues to take over the world….im going to put my booty on lay away as we speak! C ya


    minerva i got this ….she wants a azz usually white girls don’t want a azz but NOW…it’s the in thing it gets you attention just like she thinks a lil color will do her skin good…she looks good wit a lil color…..that is how she is tryin to be black

  • told you so

    @ 6AM

  • Its6amHoGetOut, A black woman's best friend since 02/13/07

    “all white girls with big asses unite” and come over to my condo!

    love 6am

  • Back On My Swag


    Sorry to ruin your fantasy but Coco has admitted to haiving at least 12 surgeries which included her butt and breast. I will give Coco this, she is at least up front and honest about hers and her hubby Ice T is upfront and honest that he likes trashy women. I actually like them as a couple.

    But to answer your question, I’m not sure what u seen on the discovery channel but CoCo kept it real and said her booty has been “enhanced”

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