Quote of the Day: Fat Joe and Papoose’s Fight

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Fat Joe and Papoose address the fight rumors swirling around. They say Bugs Monkey is the root of all the issues:

Fat Joe: “It’s a new breed of internet guys and internet thugs. The point is this. 50 Cent got 30 cops with him all day. When you on the radio with 50 Cent and your laughing and he’s disrespecting Fat Joe, and your wife is Remy Martin and she’s disrespecting Fat Joe on the radio, I [had to] see you [Papoose] the next day. I had no choice but to ask dude if he had a problem, cause he was acting like he did.”

Papoose: “The next thing I know Fat Joe busts in the door with about nine of his bodyguards, jumping in my face, asking me do I gotta a problem with them. I responded ‘do you have a problem with me?’ He responded ‘yeah.’ That’s when everything popped off. Yes I two pieced him in his mouth and I don’t know why he’s denying it. The dude is running around fabricating this. I stood tall and I stand tall in any situation. I’m from Brooklyn, New York, that’s what we do. I never spoke nothing about Fat Joe, I never made one single comment about this dude. 50 got an office right across the street from Madison Square Garden. This dude knows where 50 Cent is at on a constant basis. Why didn’t he go over to 50’s office and ask him if he had a problem? What makes him think he can come over to me like that and he’s not gonna get punched in his mouth like he did?”

“50 Cent is the real problem. I wish he would come out of the hiding nest and say ‘Yo Joe lets fight one-on-one, and we can get it over with. Win of lose, we can get it over with and go to blows. He keeps trying to throw people in the front of it.”

This all sounds like some junior high bickering. These are grown ass men acting like this. SMH.



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