Are You Feelin This Get Up???

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Here is Keri Hilson in London wearing some bright yellow MC Hammer pants. Although this young lady is a talented song writer, for some reason, as an artist she just doesn’t ‘do it for us.’ What do ya’ll think? Are you feelin Miss Keri and her Hammer pants?

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  • LaLa

    She looks great to me.

  • Anonymous

    Represent AFRICA!

  • BE

    those pants look too big for her


    Her beauty matches her tackiness…

  • Sissy

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  • Boss Lady

    she cannot sing at all, she should stick to the song writing. Not even gonna comment on those clothes…damn!

  • lala land

    i wonder if she now wishes she had stuck to writing instead of signing a record contract?

  • This some shhhh...

    Eclectic taxi cab steez.

  • She_4_Real

    no..not really!

  • john hope franklin

    she can get it…

  • Tiana

    I aint feelin the outfit but i have ALWAYS respected her for being an individual and not caring what everybody thinks of what she wears. She’s comfortable and that’s all that matters. I’m the same way. As for Keri as an artists, i LOVE her album to death! I can listen to it from start to finish just about. I don’t care for her live tho…when i see her perform on TV it’s like she can’t really sing but she sounds good on her CD. I like her better that Rhianna and a bunch of them other singers that can barely sing, like Ciara and Ashanti

  • KayKay

    Not feeling it but still love her. She’s her own person and I can’t wait to see her take over this Bey/Rih Rih dominated world.

  • K.C.

    cnt condone the outfit at all!

  • Chocolate Thunder

    Nope – can’t dress or sing…

    But chcek out the crazy looking sister behind her who looks like she’s going for her piece? She looks like Dirk Nowitski’s locked up future baby momma.

  • Love Life

    Really Keri Hilson, Really? Always trying 2 hard. We see you, but we just don’t like you. Talented – yes, likeable personality – no. Stick to writing, behind the scenes.

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