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akeys in germany

The beautiful and talented Alicia Keys performed in Frankfurt, Germany last night and is said to have dissed some London soccer player that was trying to holler at her last week:

Shaun Wright-Phillips has reportedly asked Alicia Keys to watch him play football. The soccer ace attended Keys’s BET gig at London’s Café de Paris last week and attempted to romance the singer afterwards. Keys was sent a £300 bottle of Cristal by the sportsman and handed a note by a waitress inviting her to a Chelsea game. Wright-Phillips allegedly got snubbed by the soul star and left the venue alone.

We wonder why she turned him down? His little British game might not have been strong enough.

Click here for a little A Keys throwback when her butch steez was less dormant.

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  • Re


  • and another one...

    3rd? Alicia looks banging as always.

  • Octavia

    Nice to see hear she’s not easy.


    It’s so funny how many guys go ga-ga over her when

    SHE IS A LESBIAN. That is too funny…ha ha ha

  • Octavia

    Hehe… I guess see AND hear.

  • Jahpson

    Alicia got too much going on in her successful life to worry about someone playing soccer!! LOL

  • Re

    @ Crazy

    Lol, 24th

    I think I’m all that now that I was 1st, lol


    Maybe it’s simply because he’s truly ugly, any body google him? Brotha looks like he got his ass kicked with an ugly stick

  • Celebrity CSI

    Alicia was probably more of a man than he was …hence her reservation. OH she doesn’t fool me. Her & the word feminine just doesn’t go together…no matter how many dresses she wears. lol

  • soulwoman

    Alicia is doing her thing.


    Gone RE!!!! Im out!!!

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    Lol @Candid

    What’s his name (so I can google it)

  • Re


    Alright, I’ll be back on Friday!


    I love Alicia’s singing but did’nt he know she dont swing that way..


    Alicia Keys is GAY and all you people will know this too one day. It’s not a problem that she’s gay, just how many guys think she is the bomb. She loves women just like they do.

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