Nas Only Gives Kelis $350 and Some Gift Cards…

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Kelis has fired back at Nas by filing court documents which show that the rapper has only contributed $350 and $2500 in gift cards for their unborn child since April.   Check out the official court doc under the hood.

According to Kelis, Nas has yet to help her with any of the medical expenses for her pre-natal care as well! Only Nas would give his baby mama some gift cards to ensure that she spends his hard earned money on things for his child! Single fathers take note.



  • mojojojo

    i dont believe it

  • L bka Mrs. Philly

    WTF does she need for a baby that is in her womb?!?!

  • lala land

    I aint mad at the gift card thing, cuz it should go to the baby’s things. As far as kelis’ prenatal care, he should def be paying that.

    I wonder what the situation at the hospital is gonna be like when she gives birth??

  • Don't Believe the Hype!!!

    Daman! Remind me not to get knocked up by Nas.
    He tighter than a mofo!

    I wonder is he like that in bed too? LMAO!!!!!!

  • SoulfulTea

    Uh, Mrs Philly, she’s due to give birth at anytime now. Would you prefer that she WAIT until AFTER the birth of her baby? You guys crack me up around these parts.

  • Somer

    I now some women who didn’t get that and their children are in preschool.

  • KayKay

    Dang, if it’s like that who’s going to front the hospital bill?

    @ Mrs. Philly
    It is better to have everything you need BEFORE the baby gets here. Why would you try to run around finding stuff that should be in the house when the baby gets there?

  • jj

    I know that you men don’t want to hear this, but the father of an unborn baby can be held accountable for almost all prenatal related expenses, including such things as maternity clothes.

  • jswang

    She can pay some bills her damn self. Who says he has to pay everything. I would give her money in a gift card also. I’m sure he’s paying more than that she’s just not saying. She’s greedy…she’s just trying to get more.

  • http://aol Purple Haze

    She better hope she loses her baby weight so she can work a milkshake skills because sounds like she will need them.

  • I AM LEGEND ( A Wise Man Told Me Dont Argue With Fools)

    Smart man right there…The baby doesnt need anything right now..She can use the gift card 2 buy a crib a car seat diapers and some baby milk and whatever else 2 be prepared for the baby..

  • Jay the Real One

    How about she have the baby and he get the paternity test results back first. When word she was tricking got out everybody knew this was over. Men don’t keep a cheaper.

  • Deirdre B Pride

    Why does she need money for the baby and is not here yet?

  • L bka Mrs. Philly


    Wouldn’t 350 and 2500 in gift cards do thr trick??? I know babies need stuff but I am sure she didn’t JUST start getting things together, what about a baby shower? what about HER income?? She should be getting some royalties from ONE of her albums…SMDH …




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