JoJo Pleads Guilty to Drug Charge!

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Rev Run’s oldest son JoJo has pleaded guilty to marijuana possession from a case last May.  In return for his plea, JoJo has been sentenced to one day of community service.  Damn that’s gonna be rough.


  • I AM LEGEND ( A Wise Man Told Me Dont Argue With Fools)

    weed isnt bad

  • http://bossip (( * )) ^ (( * ))

    JoJo is a good kid…

  • Lies and Bullshit-aka-The Truth

    why do we pretend we know these people? he had illegal drugs and very well could have been a”good kid”, but he broke the law.

  • Luscious Red

    I had a misdomeanor weed posession charge and got 80 hrs of community service, plus had to take a class that was once a week for 6 weeks (that cost over $300 and if you missed a class, you had to start all over), had a restricted license for 6 MONTHS, had to submit urine samples every Monday morning for 2 months and I was on probation for a year… he got off WAY easier than I did for the same EXACT charge… I wonder why????

  • RobinSharee

    Good people make bad mistakes. He definately didn’t deserve jail time. Knowing he tarnished the family name is punishment enough.


    OF COURSE another rich person gets off with a slap to the hand, if I got busted with the same amount I’d be doing months of community service!!!!

  • PO10TiAL

    Legalize it and be done with it.

  • !!!!!.R.I.P MIKE!!!!!


  • Miss Perfect

    When i first saw the headline i thought “Aww poor JoJo”…then i read the sentence and was like “WTF” lol but i do love their family i just hope they get off the reality show thing before they become another statistic….

  • Des

    I don’t think Weed is bad…I don’t do it myself and will never do it…but if anybody saw the show when they got the call that he was in jail; the embarrassment of letting down his parents and family was bad enough for him…I saw the look in his face and his eyes of “I did something so stupid and I knew better..”I’m not saying he should have gotten off with one day either…But what I am saying is Jo Jo seems like the kid that has it made for himself, but he still wants to be down…He just doesn’t realize yet that his dad and uncle were some of the best pioneers of their time (even today) and he should just be himself yes but be smart about it…Everybody makes mistakes he just needs to take the lesson learned and correct his path…His brothers really look up to him and he realized just how much when he did this…!

  • Miss Perfect

    @ Luscious Red
    Come down y dont u…80 hours is like wat 3 days or so…& plus he didnt have a record, did u have anything on your record?…It was weed, not a big deal in most ppls book. & besides its common knowledge that celebrities sometimes get worst treatment (case Michael Vick)..and sometimes better treatment (case R. Kelley) so its a catch 22 if u ask me some judges wanna make an example and other times its just swept under the rug.


    Jo JO is so ugly……….

  • http://bossip (( * )) ^ (( * ))

    Make sure that when you say I know somebody or “when I got busted” that you were a 1st offender. Whether you approve of his sentence or not (not that it really matters) JoJo is now an offender. That’s exactly what his attorney said to him on the episode that dealt with his arrest. It’s probably the same thing your attorney told you the first time you got arrested (remember…the one time you didn’t mention) before you got popped for the same thing…

    Everyone…EVERYONE…gets that second opportunity to mess up…that’s when the real world steps in…

  • denayk

    lol @ JoJo being ugly

  • L bka Mrs. Philly

    I bet he won’t do it again!

    **extreme sarcasm**

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