Will The Shady Clintons Steal The Election? Will There Be a Riot in Denver???

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The shady Clintons and their negro mafia backers including the NAACP’s Julian Bond, Maxine, Waters, Robert Johnson, and Charles Rangel are fighting to steal the election from Barack Obama. Now that Obama clearly has her beat on delegates, the Clinton campaign is trying to change the rules in the middle of the game.

The shady Clintons now want votes in Michigan where Obama wasn’t on the ballot because of the state was under Democratic party sanctions, to count. Before the primary, she agreed with Obama they wouldn’t count! Same thang in Florida, Obama didn’t campaign in the state because of their agreement and Clinton won on delegates because her name was more recognizable at the time.

Democratic party officials are already talking about the young people in America going to the Democratic convention in Denver and rioting if Hillary cheats and gets the nomination. Discuss…


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