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Toni Braxton was spotted in Beverly Hills yesterday. She is looking good with those cute little chipmunk cheeks of hers. We wonder if she’ll be dropping an album anytime soon vs. doing those shows in Vegas.

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  • Cake

    Toni looks beautiful

  • NotoriousOne

    Another ol’ skewl dime piece. Toni always looking good!

  • Cake

    Wow no comments on this sista’s post. yet 385 of yall are clammering on Kim K’s post? WHAT A SHAME!!

  • valenne

    beautiful like always!

  • Lili

    Toni looks fabulous!

  • checkoutmystatus

    Still hott!


    She looks worried. But she’s stil pretty. Hope all is well.

  • Ladystar1111

    She’s always put together. She looks great :-)

  • nique

    That regular Las Vegas gig is no doubt putting much more money in Toni’s pocket than those non-selling albums. Kelly needs to be taking notes.

  • Rotex

    Long time no see. She looks fine.

  • classysophisticatedchic

    Toni always does keep herself together! She looks great!

  • Ms. Sugar Walls

    She looks big as hell..with that shirt on!

  • Mint Condition

    She looks adorable. Like a cute little young thing. Hey I think I just came up with a song. “I think I love you, LYT, Little young thing”. Sounds like a hit to me.

  • chicairo

    does anyone know how old she is?

  • Lauren i'm SMDH @ SMDH get over yourself weirdo

    Shes always been gorgeous!

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