Changing It Up On You Hoes: Rihanna Takes It Further Than Cassie With New Hair…Or Lack Of It!

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changing it up

Rihanna was out in West Village yesterday showing off her new crop, boots, and simple swag. If you thought Cassie’s buzz was taking it too far, wait until you see what Rihanna did to her hair under the hood.

Let’s just say we won’t be talking about her kitchen again anytime soon…

Pop it and see

changing it up2changing it up3changing it up4

Yup, your girl shaved BOTH SIDES!!! What Were You Thinking Riri!?


  • Cynthia

    WHY????? I don;t like it at all


    Uno . . . .

    What the hell

  • tasha

    don’t really like it but its aight.

  • ThAtLaDy22


  • Blawyer

    I think she looks amazing! Wish I could do that.. she has the face to carry it off.

  • girlinpink

    um when did rooster chic become the style

  • Hhhmmmmmm

    It’s alright. I’m surprised it’s not “oh so original”. Ya’ll know everybody tries to treat her like the fashion messiah or something.

  • Negrodamus Believes

    Epic failure but more importantly why is that Mexican dining and not working?

  • $moK.E.Y.

    :lol: lmaooooooooooo at ” …but more importantly why is that Mexican dining and not working?”

  • jb

    Straight up Woody Woodpecker! But I like it tho!

  • Royalty

    Why, I cannot stand this new half shaved off hair! Its getting old real fast

  • Royalty

    And her shaves side looks a little rough…

  • ???

    i wouldn’t do it, but she is one of the few that could pull it off

  • Jamilah

    Who would have thought Cassie would have been a trendsetter?

  • Be Original

    It definitely looks better than Cassie’s, but I think it’s corny that celebrities are copying one another…if you want to call Cassie a celebrity that is…

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