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Janet Jackson is featured in the April ’08 issue of Ebony magazine where she chats about what she loves about Jermaine Dupri, why she’s not retiring, and creative people who fascinate her:

“I love his intelligence, how smart he is, how talented he is, his heart. And not necessarily in that order. Obviously we have a lot in common. But these are the things that really make me smile. And when he really, really smiles his true smile, I just love it. It’s beautiful. He’s just a beautiful person.”

“I’m not ready to retire. I enjoy what I do, and I don’t think it is time for me to kick back on an island and do nothing all day. I don’t want to do that just yet. I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready to do that. I just love music, just love working with the kids. I’m not bored with it. I’m not tired of it. That’s what keeps me going.”

“I love Al Pacino, and I sit back and watch him in certain scenes, or other actors in certain scenes and this electrifying energy goes through me and I know I can do that. Or I see a visual, and that’s when I start calling Gil.”

We’re glad she loves JD and his smile. Good look Urban Livin’ on the Gil info, not us the article, thanks.

Click Here to watch Janet’s new video “Rock With You”.


  • NotoriousOne

    Do you Janet!

  • A.B.W. (Angry Black Woman)


  • A.B.W. (Angry Black Woman)

    IS this Janet of Latoya its getting harder for me to tell the difference?

    Hold on….let me ask their plastic surgeon

  • Lovely One

    They seem like one of the few REAL couples in hollywood. Best of luck to them!

  • Squidbilly

    J.D should be makin babies wit her by now.

  • da darkness

    no she’s lost her blackness and traded it for some white stuff. keep being black yall

  • http://youtube.com/watch?v=7jjfSoP25U0 Snickers(Dallas, Texas two stepped lastnight)

    Urban Livin’……THANK YOU!!!!

  • andrea

    that would be nice if her album is super successful.

  • Luving "The Wire" Forever . . Hov

    Janet is oversexed and is refusing to grow up.. Not a good look boo!

  • Luving "The Wire" Forever . . Hov

    All she do is sing about some sexual position and how she like being done.. BORING!! & you’re over 40?!?!

  • kamikaze

    Call Janet what you want but I STILL havent seen another female performer dance like her. Most of these “new” talents out now wear shorts skirts and shake there asses all day. Her whole dance steez is DOPE!! Name one female artist that has her moves. Also if you notice, Janet usually performs fully dressed.. **Except her SuperBowl performance** lol

  • http://mahoganyonthereal.wordpress.com Southern Belle 225

    Maybe if she didn’t do music for the yunguns then the question of does she still have it wouldn’t be relevant. I think she still has it but I think she needs to do it more appropriately for her age and stop trying to compete with beyonce and rihanna. She and others like her need to realize that most of their fans are their age and as we get older, our taste in music changes and I don’t want to listen to janet’s old ass doing songs for kiddie boppers. I personally don’t ever have to hear another Janet song but i still like her. I would like to see her dive more into acting.

  • TaShA

    awww well that’s good 4 her. they could’ve done a better cover tho. not likin this one…it’s somethin about her nose. i hope she didn’t get more surgery or anything cuz that’s what it’s lookin like. anyway, much happiness to her

  • Coffee Break

    JJ you are right you’re going to make it hang in there.

  • Coffee Break

    Oh I don’t like the video but I like the song.

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