Sisqo Gets His Thongs In a Bunch

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Here is a video of Dru Hill reuniting and breaking up in one sitting on a radio show in Baltimore. Looks a little suspect, but hey so much for that. SMH.

Click here for a nice little throwback video in honor of Dru Hill’s love for each other.


  • British Black girl


  • British Black girl

    I did it I actually did it….I am none to concerned with the Hils that are Dru…this moment needs to be savoured and acknowledged by the masses( Yes I am bored on my lunch break…lol)

  • Island_Ras23


  • joyce

    Who cares about suspect Sisqo and the rest of Dru Hill?

  • spontaneous

    That was funny though. I would’ve been pissed to ole boy gonna wait until they are live on the air. The fight looked pretty lame though almost staged. LMAO

  • statim08


  • Did she just say that

    This looks like the most staged thing since Britney Spears “come back”. THis is so phony.

  • Blackkhat

    THAT IS THE MOST MAD THING I SEEN IN A BIT What the bloody hell was that all about. If that was for real Sisqo was right Woody should have said something before going on air!!! I interview Sisqo last year on my radio show. He was funny man. If you want to listen to it check it out on my my space page I hope the guys get to sort themselves out

  • just

    anybody notice that, when Sisqo stood up outta his chair…HE DID NOT GET ANY TALLER?


  • Lu-Lou

    Hahahahaha, that was some funny stuff!! I loved Dru Hill back in the day, but I could care less now if they make another album or not. And why is Sisco not suppose to be driving? I thought he went country?

  • jenna

    i come in peace…. NOT !!!!!!

  • Notahn

    boo @ the radio station for even having them on

  • bmore chich

    sisqo is rather short…just pray for


    That was bit too dramatic! Seem suspect for real.

  • Why?Why?Why?

    That was that phoniest, most scripted sh*t I’ve seen.

    Anyone else remember when these dudes worked at the Fudgery in Harbor Place? They were gay tools even back then.

    Who else reppin B-Town?

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