SMH: Ne-Yo Is More Sensitive Than a Grandmother and Has a Nervous Breakdown On Stage

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Ne-Yo was on stage last night balling like a school girl. The show had to be postponed leading the crowd to boo the sensitive crooner. This metro-mess is going too far…

Act like a man for Petes sake!



    Leave him alone.

  • juicy

    was prolly doin a tribute to MJ and got 2 emotional…

  • http://n Ms.fabulous

    leave him alone hes human probably going through somthing at this time that we know nothing about everybody has their day

  • tashagirl

    they did not boo

  • http://bossip Walk like a MAN Talk like a Man

    Aww. I wonder whant made him so upset?


    Yeah he is human and maybe he was going through a thing, but grown men know to cry on their own time, when no ones looking. That was some sissy s*#t right there.

  • shut up black men! colored turds

    his just like all black dudes a gay fag!

  • john hope franklin (still mad at obamas ' 1st pitch)

    ho sit down!!!

  • Allison Mae

    Ahhh, something must have happen ya’ll. Stop being so mean!!!

  • Jazmine

    What was he crying about??? I can’t say anything until I know what he was crying about.

  • meela

    Leave him alone. Maybe he got bad news like a death/illness in the family.

  • Patiently waiting

    awwwww tear

  • Dana

    This site is bullshit…first and foremost their were more cheers than booes…Secondly, regardless if Ne-Yo is Gay or Straight he is still human and a very talented singer/writer. Get well Ne-Yo!

  • Moreaces

    Couldnt see it,

  • Miss Perfect

    lol @ pm

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