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Here is a track by Khia and Maceo called “Ass Talk”…make sure you listen long enough to get to Khia’s verse. It’s a damn shame what we have to subject ourselves to these days.


  • Island_Ras23


  • Sickofit

    Yuck MaGruff,the saddest part about all of this is she’s MOTHER.

  • Sickofit

    that should read she’s a mother

  • john robertson

    shouldn’t amaze u.reference “my neck,my back”


    smh……..All you need is four words and a beat anyone can make a song. Here let me try

    This Was Garbage Man……

    Anyone have a beat and now we have a song….lmao

  • jojo

    By listening to this dribble I just lost several brain cells and my IQ just dropped.

  • Yes I Said It & I Meant It Too

    Damn, I’m upset that I can’t even come up w/ anything funny to say about that wack ass song!

    It’s a horrible song and I agree w/ jojo.

  • http://www.myspace.com/mistikay GreenEyedDiva

    LMAO @ Cage and jojo

    I wasn’t gonna subject myself to it so I didn’t click on it. I knew it wasn’t nothin but some bullshiz.

  • jojo

    If I so as much hear this as someones ringtone I’ll have my dog attack their ass.

  • cora

    WOW…so sweet, seems she is famous on a tall dating site~~~~~~~Tallmingle.com ,there are many hot models.they vote the most

    beautiful member each month.

    funny thing…..

  • jojo


    I think I’ll my dog attack you first!

  • reesee

    Fabulous B$%#h got a point. This song is ridiculous, but you will definately hear it on a ringtone and the strip clubs..lol

  • lily

    yo…it is not fun…i don;t like it

    But I know many people on Tallmeet.com like this very much..

  • jojo


    What I meant to say was “I think I’ll have my dog attack you first”

    See! that damn song has already made me dumb.

  • http://www.myspace.com/ms_ashkerr Ms. Kerr


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