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Boyz II Men performed this weekend at the Manchester Apollo in England. Good to see them still doing their thing. That nice respectful R&B music is starting to become non-existent.

Click Here for some Monday babymaking music.

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  • Vinandi

    Loves ya Boyz 2 men!!!

  • checkoutmystatus

    I Jus dowloaded the hits album for my lady! It’s the shiznick!

  • http://www.blackpreneur.net blackpreneur



  • sw10

    saw them live and im loving their new album.

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    I’m crossing my fingers that Day 26 will give us some of that real R&B, but their first single definately aint it.

  • joyce

    I thought Boyz II Men was a four man group. What happened to their fourth member?


    I love them!! They are just pure taleneted. And I always thought the tall skinny one was a cutie. And where is the fourth one?

  • DH


    Joyce- Michael McCrary left the group back in 2003 due to his back problems from scoliosis. My fingers are crossed that one day he can join the group again to record.

    – D.

  • Cage

    What ever happened to them?? Last time i heard about a boyz 2 men show was because they got robbed afterwards…. Hope they’re doin okay though that “Uhh ahh” was the truth..

  • I'm Just Me

    Where is Mike?

    I love their music….I hope they make another album soon.

  • Smitty313

    R. Kelly messed up R&B. It’s all about sex and being R&B thugs.

  • Astrid

    I loved them . . . when there were four of them. :(

  • lisalisa


    YOu mean Jodeci messed up R&B.


    the checks were about to stop coming in

    so they man handled there selfs overseas…thats what wash ups do..


    ok so not so washed up…..i would still listen to a throwback any day…

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