*Breaking News and Exclusive* Gucci Mane Back Locked Up

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Sources close to Gucci Mane have exclusively told Bossip the reason Gucci Mane is locked up again. Soulja Boy just tweeted that when he woke up this morning, Gucci was jailed.  This story is developing because you know how much of an attention whore this dude is. We just confirmed it’s true. Gucci is LOCKED UP…

Pop it for developments and the reason behind him getting locked back up!

Gucci supposedly had failed a probationary urine test. He also did not show up for his probation hearing, so a warrant was issued for his arrest.

His album “Murder Was The Case” just dropped and this seems to be the recipe for his success. This guy is a piece of work. SMH



    Good, I’m glad.

    Crusty-dark-good-for-nothing-crack-sniffing-dead beat-dad-negros like him deserve to be in Jail.

    Hideous barbaric buffoon looking beast.

  • Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

    agreeing w/ CoCoa Gyal and EYE♥2♥UBABY – wholeheartedly.

  • Hannibal



  • sexylexis

    Free Gucci!

  • I am in my own world

    That is the ugliest nicca i have ever seen in my life! He make craig mack (‘memba him) looks hot. Please leave him in jail; this beast should not be running loose among our children.

  • http://www.google.com/friendconnect/profile/picture/_eVv-P55BEwpS4LnoMuPab- SUPERNOVATOP

    Aw hell nah, Shut the hell up COCO. Damn was so looking forward to seeing Gucci Bandana performed live…That n*gga stay f*cking up

  • Girl, Please Make My Day

    breaking news for who?

  • rebecca

    i dun give a dam about his ugly asss…stay in jail

  • yolanda

    another black man jailed…[SHOCKING]…smh

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  • kj

    gucci is stoopid, he don’t learn?

  • msk

    Iam fixin to look him up on wikipedia , because I seriously have no clue who this character is.So I’LL save my comments until then…

  • Jay


  • Elle'

    Oh my! He is in jailed again! Why am I not in the least bit surprised by this?

  • dark unique

    good move… keep the buffoon in jail…. all buffoon artists needs to be locked up for that matter

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