Time For Al To Get Gone

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Star Jones is getting rid of her suspect fella:

“They hadn’t been seeing eye to eye for months and had already spent a great deal of time apart. Finally, Star decided it was over. She told Al at the end of January that he had 30 days to get his act together or ‘get out. Star is planning to divorce Al. I think Star felt Al had spent their marriage riding her success while she did all the heavy lifting. She resented it. Deep down, Star is a very old-fashioned woman who believes a man should support her emotionally, physically and financially. She now believes Al failed her.”

Damn, it took her all that time to figure out that obvious sh*t. Hopefully, next time she will marry a heterosexual.



  • Cage

    She’ll live….

  • Darth Paul

    Later, BGA…

  • http://site.gravatar.com/images/files/thumbs/315837.gif?617420 The Brown Hornet

    She knew what she wasgetting into. It was ok for him to live off her when she was fat.

  • http://thumbsnap.com/v/hJSxpF6W.jpg mz.cee

    tzzz like we aint knew, this was gon’ happen… SMH, LOL @ Star Jones

  • Luving "The Wire" Forever!

    I like her skinny gurl wardrobe.. But what’s up with her kneck? It look like she got lipo in her kneck. What’s sup w/ that?

  • Ro Ro

    Wow. You know Star Jones is a completely shocking character. First she is introduced to us on the “View” as this no holds barred, heavey set, beautiful black woman with enough confidence for the entire female race. Then she goes and gets plastic surgery to lose her weight…lies about how she does it just to turn around and admit what everyone knew was the truth. Then she marries a suspect ass man that EVERYBODY…YES EVERYBODY knew was homo just to turn around again and marry him.

    Everyone makes mistakes and everyone makes dumb choices. I just hope that she is able to pick herself back up again and find true happiness. Bcuz losing the weight, leaving the View and marrying a fag were definately not the best choices.

  • http://thumbsnap.com/v/hJSxpF6W.jpg mz.cee

    Al looks scary in this pic!

  • Ro Ro

    Um I meant to say ….”homo just to turn around again and divorce him.”

    Thank you

  • SIX Shooter (GET MONEY)

    I was going to try to say something clever about girlie…but the only thing I can think as I look at her is she got a Horse head.



  • DREA

    Al is too damn old to be wearing that Ed Hardy hoodie and Al has that Where’s Johnny Gill look on his face lol


    there was just no use for putting on lipstick if it was just gonna look like lip liner…

  • I'm Just Me

    I thought they been broke up. I haven’t been seeing them together in years.

    Maybe it was the pink short robe he was wearing.

    DUH STAR He likes men. He is like you looking for a man to take care of him!!

  • Southern Belle 225

    Al looks hungry for fresh hot monkey man meat in the pic! Star knew he was suspect when she married him. I think the both used each other.

  • Astrid

    It’s about time she gets rid of that punk!

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