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fantasia youngdro mr.chow

Fantasia and her boo Young Dro hit up Mr. Chow in Cali for a little D-List love outing. Look there’s even holding hands while she signs autographs. Nothing better than having some young love popping off.

They make a good couple and we’re glad Tasia got rid of that skunk hair. That shi*t was not cute, not even a little bit.

fantasia youngdro mr.chow2fantasia youngdro mr.chow3

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  • checkoutmystatus


  • LadyStar1111

    They look cute. Everyone deserves to have someone
    :-) Oh & I’m first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LadyStar1111

    guess i’m second :-(

  • That Chocolate Girl

    Why do these pics look like circa 1992. They look like pics of Tasia and her hood boy coming from a Jodeci concert, lol.

  • Ebony

    Her shoes are cute. I love black love.

  • checkoutmystatus

    I’m sorry, there are to many fish in the sea for me to pick this chic. Guess I’m not a fan of hers. lol.

  • luvchild-graduates in June

    @That Chocolate Girl

    Could it be the red lip liner w/ gloss. Well back then we would use vaseline not gloss.


    It’s about time she got rid of that awful hair. She actually looks nice for a change.

  • Kerry

    LoL @ The Chocolate Girl… Hilarious!!!

  • kia the original

    tasia is looking cute right here and so is dro. they are a cute couple together. so much love to them. hope they are and continue to be happy.

  • Joadan

    Eventhough she is so beautiful like other pop stars,but I love her.I know some news in millonaire dating site””.Is really fall in bad cancer ? Is she really has a baby with a white young boy?

  • Bird


    I’m sorry, there are to many fish in the sea for me to pick this chic.


    lol. You act like you actually have a chance with her. Now that’s comedy. It’s nice to see a differant couple for a change.

  • Vito

    Fanny looks cute here for a change. They look nice together.

  • Ms. Sugar Walls


    I am sure that She would Just pass you up, She wouldn’t give you the time of day! :P

    She is doing her! Her hair was OK! She thought that it was cute, and that is all that matters! are the true Haters, and What make it so bad..Is that you give followers levreage in thinking that it is ok to hate! SHAME ON YOU! LOL

    I do love the heels! Her feet look nice..Because I have seen some singers, actresses with messed up feet! It is disgusting.

  • Guilty Pleasure

    She needs to use some Ambi fade cream on those knees!!!!

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