Kim Kardashian Pissed At Swirl Talk and Chased Out of Africa?

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kim chased out

Kim Kardashian fled from Africa and is already back in L.A., woofin’. She spoke out yesterday against racism… toward her:

“I don’t understand it because I was raised to not see color,” she says. “But you’re still faced with it.” What’s more? Kim recently returned from a photo-op trip in Africa and she says she was bombarded with….…“you didn’t belong” comments upon her return.

“All the comments were, ‘How dare she go to Africa,’ and it’s just like, you know what, I can’t believe that charity work is being judged, and I can’t believe people would even comment on that and I think it’s really disgusting,” she says. Kim said she still won’t allow you negative Nanny’s to get her down. “At the end of the day, you just have to brush them off, you have no choice. I hope by the time Reggie and I have kids, things will be different.”

Wow. We know Kim is not talking about us. We don’t ask those types of questions…do we?


  • DaHonestTruth ~ Turn My SWAG On

    LOL! Poor Kim!

  • JB (Will be glued to the TV to watch LeBron get dunked on)

    See Kim, with remarks like that about you and Reggie having kids, you will end up like Jessica. All alone.

  • Angee

    All kinds of people, and celebrities have gone to Africa for charitable works. Why is it any different for her and her family?

  • DaHonestTruth ~ Turn My SWAG On

    damn the girl is trying to do a good thing. cut her some slack.



  • Chimera

    Girl why are talking about KIDS before MARRIAGE ~ Um…Get The Ring NOt The BULGE first!

  • **SEVEN DAYS**

    doing good is doing good….

    I don’t know why but people who don’t even know her have a certain amount of disdain for lil mama :(

  • Golden Goddess☀


  • She_4_Real

    Hoe sit down!

  • oopsie

    she’s too concerned with the chattering voices and what other people think. If you know you are doing good then do it.

    but if you really want to impress me, leave the designer outfits home, put the hair in a ponytail, take off the make-up and do you charity away from the cameras. Saving lives is not a “photo-op” to boost your image.

  • Sloppy Seconds are for Losers

    Again if it was really all about the charity work, then why discuss Herself,Reggie or kids?

    If she was really all about the charity then her statement would have been about nothing but the charity.

    Word to the wise: There have always been racists, there will always be racists and your children will not have it any easier than any other BLACK child. Don’t get it twisted, no racist ever looked at a mixed race child and said “will since you are 1/2 black, I only 1/2 hate you.”


    Charity begins at HOME and until these ‘celebrity’ types start helping those less fortunate right here in the US of A – then they will always be perceived as only trying to increase their publicity.

    And Kimmie – I wouldn’t wait on Reggie wifing you up – for you are a swirl. Don’t forget how you got your start and your 15 minutes are just about up – Paris Hilton anyone.

  • Angie

    Raised not to see color. Girl, you’re 27 grow up. We don’t live in Barney land. Saying you don’t see color is just as racist as any racial slur, cause if you can’t see my color you can’t see part of who I am. Dummy!

  • sexylexis hates michael vick

    I think Reggie wanted to go and that was her motivation. Plus she would get some press. I like Kim but wtf did she really do there except pose for pictures?

  • KocaKola

    She could have at least put her arm around one of the kids but I guess that might have messed up her make-up. Seems like all this chick think about is publicity and she lives for the camera.

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